#31 Days – Day 7 – Autumn October Think Pink – Cancer Month

7 Oct

pumpkin breast cancer

Photo Credit – Delores Morales

I really do not like that word cancer. The horror not only the patient feels, but also their family and friends.   I have watched my mother-in-law, one of my sisters, one of my nieces and a dear friend, Genoa walk through breast cancer, and so, so many other family members who have died with all sorts of cancers.  It is a horrible disease and hopefully someday there will be a cure.

According to the American Cancer Society there will be more than 231,000 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed during 2015. The journey is tough and there is terror and pain from the moment your loved ones hear that devastating word, and then the terror of those treatments.  I drove my sister to her first radiation treatment.  I watcher for months as she had those awful burns.  My daughter and I went to my nieces and took her to one of her chemo treatments.  It was our first time in one of those centers.  Thank you doctors and treatments for saving their lives. Live is to be savored, and cancer patients should not have to walk those dreaded journeys alone.

It’s Fall and as we watch the beautiful colors change from green to beautiful oranges and reds, we also see those beautiful pink colors as we scroll through our Facebook pages.  I know some cancer patients get sick of all the pink, but for me it’s a reminder of what God did for my sister, my niece and my friend.

My sister, who survived breast cancer has been creating all sorts of pink pumpkins.  The picture above is one she created and she sells them and donates 100 per cent of her profit to the cancer agency who took care of her.  Is that not cute?  I’ve watched her the last few years after her treatments and how she has sewed and made things for new ladies being diagnosed like little pillows that help with the pain.

Cancer is a wake-up call.  It’s a call about how precious life is.  It’s a call to remind us how important family and friends are.

Have you been for your mammogram, your pap smear?  Have you done your monthly self-breast exams?   No matter what you need to make time.

None of us are immune to illness, but all of us can, with time, make comebacks.  I watched my sister and my niece and friend come back STRONG, I watched them FIGHT, I am watching them minister  and care for others who follow in their steps.  Scars on the outside, love on the inside.  Life gave them lemons, but they made lemonade.

Since October is breast cancer awareness month, I thought I would honor those women and men too that have walked through it and found a cure.  I would love for you to post a comment below that you are cured, or are currently walking through this valley, or someone you love share their name.

My sister – Delores

My niece – Monica

My friend – Genoa

My mother-in-law – Virginia


31 Days – Day 6 – Autumn Candles

6 Oct


A couple of years ago I read Courtney Joseph’s candle idea of placing a candle in your kitchen.  She says, “Purchase an extra-large candle and light it every day in your home. I start mine in the morning, but you can start yours at dinnertime. Do what makes sense for your family. I often have a candle burning in my kitchen, the main hub of my home. Each time the candle catches my eye, I say a prayer for peace in my home.”

This week I got out my candles.  I have several in the kitchen and some in the bathrooms, and love lighting them all.  What a mood they set!  Who doesn’t love the warm glow and the yummy smells of seasonal candles?  I love these dark Fall mornings and the beginning of early evenings.  I love candles, but usually don’t burn them except in the Fall and during the holidays.  It’s just a cozy feeling to walk in the kitchen or the bathroom and see them burning, glimmering, reminding me to pray for my home, family, friends, and the World.  They remind me to be a light and to stop and pause and pray throughout the morning and evening.

As I light the candles in the morning right after that first cup of coffee, it just reminds me before I enter into my prayer and Bible study time to set my eyes on Him and to pray for all that is going to happen in my home and life that day.    As I blow them out before bedtime I’m reminded of the precious day He has given me, and thank Him for ALL He has done for me and my family.  It is a time to reflect on whose I am and who He is

That flickering candle – a prompt to pray for my home, my family, my friends.  As I walk in the room and breathe in that fragrance, and see that flicker I breathe out a prayer.  Courtney reminds us to pray for peace in our home, but I want to be reminded to thank Him for any and every blessing throughout the day – each time the phone rings, each time I hear from someone in my on-line Bible study, each time I click on an email, when the postman drives by, when the trash men drive by, when the FEDEX man drops off a package, etc..  I walk by that candle and pray about something or someone each time.

What better way to wind down a busy day than to walk into the kitchen and see a candle burning! Your children will love it, and I bet your husband will too.  My 2-year old grandson loves it when he walks in.

I’m reminded when I walk in the kitchen to cook a meal to thank God for the means.  When I am cleaning up the dirty dishes, I thank Him for family that has dirtied them.  Thank Him for being healthy and able to cook and clean those dishes.

My candles are burning, how about yours?

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Day 5 – Autumn Throw Open The Windows and Do Some Fall Cleaning


31 Days – Day 5 – Autumn Throw Open The Windows and Do Some Fall Cleaning

5 Oct

throw open the windows

Yes it’s fall    The dog days of Texas heat are over.  Fall is in the air, and I love throwing open the windows and hearing birds sing and the busses drive by.  I love the cooler temperatures after our 100 degree summer days.  This morning it is ???? and my windows are open.

While the windows are open today, I am using this day at home to do some fall cleaning and clean out those window sills and maybe a closet.  I love fall cleaning even more than spring cleaning because of all the upcoming holidays, and it’s the time of the year that most of us spend more days inside.   A little fall cleaning goes a long way this time of the year.

There are all sorts of fall cleaning schedules on-line, but for me, I just take a project at a time, and if I have to I break it down into tasks covering several days and sometimes weeks that’s what I do.  We are all busy.  I substitute teach, am a team leader for on-line Bible studies, attend church functions, and keep two grandsons.  I’m retired, but my life today is busier than it was when I worked or it seems to be so breaking cleaning down into small steps works for me.  This week I worked on fall decorating and cleaning out one closet where all sorts of stuff was stored under the stairs.  I have a mess in one of our upstairs bedrooms where I took more decorations out of the attic so that’s the big project this week.


As we were walking out of church yesterday and the north wind was blowing, my husband said I am so glad we have winter and summer so that we can enjoy this weather.  Isn’t that the truth? It was the perfect day and we came home and spent some time relaxing, and then worked outside on some outside things that needed attention in preparation of the cold winter everyone is predicting like running a snake thru our vents, mulching leaves and putting up patio furniture.  We did all of that in an hour and now I’m washing clothes, writing, and watering outside because it hasn’t rained in over a month.

Three weeks ago I cleaned the carpet myself in one of our dens.  With two grandsons it gets a little dirty or actually with one who is two.  The other one is crawling and pulling up though so he needed some clean carpet to crawl on and I wanted to clean it so I knew what was on it.  While we were doing that, my husband pulled all the indirect lighting covers down and vacumned up there and I was the covers and we cleaned out the downstairs bookcases and donated some books.

I love getting into fall, and thankful that we are still able to do everything around our home.


31 Days – Day 4 -Autumn – Thankfulness Ideas for Celebrating Autumn

4 Oct IMG_3738[1]


Autumn is a time of the year I love because of all the reflection we see on giving thanks and the season of Jesus’ birth and traditions.  I’m thankful every single day and do not take anything for granted.  Just waking up to a new day is a blessing.  Waking up with a grandson in bed with us or one in his crib in our bedroom is even more of a blessing.

One of the new traditions I started this year was to buy a simple strip of a soft burlap fabric and add it to my Fall decorations.  I have this on our kitchen table and will be asking all those who come to visit to write something they are thankful for.  I know I didn’t do so well on the printing, but hey there is next year and a new strip.

I grew up in a family of traditions I love.  One was we always joined hands around the Thanksgiving table and recited the Lord’s prayer.  I even remember doing that as a 5-year old.  It came from my Dad’s side of the family.  He and my Mom are no longer with us, but when my sisters and our families join together at Thanksgiving or Christmas The Lord’s Prayer is a special part of it.

Dad also used to write poems for the holidays.  One Thanksgiving he wrote a poem and my little cousin and niece were dressed in pilgrim costumes Mom made and recited it.  Another year he wrote one about all the cabbage patch kids they had bought for the grandchildren for Christmas.  Precious memories.

Lastly, we always pause and reflect on some special blessing throughout the year.  I remember the first one right after my middle sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I also remember a poem I wrote for her.  So thankful God cured her.

I want to do this next year. It’s a thankful tree and you can read about it here.  There are all sorts of images on-line but this one was my favorite.

The Thankful Tree

And this is one I will definitely try.  Not sure if I will write the thankful notes or have our guests as they come in write down on sheets I’ve type the words “I am thankful for         .  I love this idea here and here.  One has a yummy sounding honey butter recipe and the other has the pioneer woman’s roll recipe.  A little of both I would say would make a lovely tradition for our home.

I saw another idea I love for Thanksgiving this week where you place paper on your table or tables in our case with lots of family and rather than go around the table asking people what they are thankful for, you have markers there for them to doodle before or during lunch.  It’s called a tablecloth of thanks and found here.  After lunch as you are cleaning up you get to see all that was written.

I found some table talk cards here to spur conversation.

So how about you?  Will you share something you are thankful for this year, or some tradition of yours this time of the year?

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31 Days – Day 3 – Autumn Lunchbox Printables, Fall Festival Cards, Game and Coloring Pages

3 Oct

It’s Autumn and it’s a time when the kids have just gotten settled into school.  What a great time to send them off with notes in the backpacks and lunch boxes. Or use them for a Fall festival or with candy when kids come ringing your door bell on Halloween.

Here’s a few free printables I think you will enjoy.


fall lunch box


halloween treats                                              halloween freebies 2


Thanksgiving Matching Game


Autumn Printable Shapes – Click here.


Here are some cute coloring pages.  Click this link.

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Day 1 – Autumn Cool, Crisp Mornings

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