In The Morning Dew and Stillness

24 Apr

This morning it was a misty kind of morning and it was to be a cool day with expected thunderstorms, hail, wind and possible tornadoes later today.  I flung up the windows and felt a cool air blowing in.  Love having the windows open this time of the year.

As the sun began to rise the birds were chirping away – sounds I don’t always hear when the windows are shut.  Loved hearing them as I did my morning Bible study and spent time in prayer.  It’s a little sad today as I received an email yesterday that a lady I worked with for more than 20 years is on hospice and not expected to make it more than a couple of weeks – cancer is back.

I cleaned out the freezer on the bottom of our refrigerator, and as I walked outside to put a bag of trash out beside the curb, one of our doves flew out of the tree at me. Love that she is sitting on two eggs just right outside my kitchen window.

Psalm 961

I stopped to smell my Iris’ and ran inside for a pair of scissors to cut a couple for my kitchen table and tidied up a bit because our almost two-month old grandson was coming over to spend a few hours with NaNa this morning while his mom ran some errands.

2 Samuel 234

I kept my youngest grandson a bit while his Mom ran some errands and she brought us lunch – tacos, which is one of my favorites, nursed the baby and then off they went, but the other 20-month old grandson will be here tonight while his daddy and mommy go out to celebrate dad’s birthday.

It’s been an awesome day, and time to go tidy up a bit and get ready for grandson #2.

Honoring Him in the Daily Mundane Tasks – What Happens When Women Walk in Faith – Blog – Chapter 1

22 Apr

Mundane Tasks

I am participating in the Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies.  We are in week 2 of What Happens When Women Walk in Faith by Lysa TerKeurst, and it is my hope to have time to blog through this book.  All quotes below are right out of the book.  Go read it, you’ll be glad you did, and it’s not too late to check out P31 studies, and it’s easy to do the study with us or go back because previous studies are still right there on the blog for your future use.

Chapter 1 – The Map

“God does not call the qualified.  He qualifies the called.”  What are you going through right now?  He is qualifying you for the call. No matter what I am going through today, He is using that to qualify me, Debbie for whatever calling He has for me.  He knows exactly what He is doing.

“And yet what we call mundane is, in some very important ways significant in God’s school of preparation”.  Did you hear that?  In our everyday lives, will we honor Him?  I did that today washing the sheets and thinking about how much my hubby loves it every week coming home to clean sheets, shopping for groceries, washing and folding clothes, scrubbing toilets, and cooking dinner.

Colossians 323

Will we honor Him washing clothes?

Will we honor Him folding them?  I sit here many days folding my husband’s clothes and praying over him.  I did that with my children too, and now for my grandchildren as I wash their bedding, towels, bibs.

 Will we honor Him when we sit down and read a story to our kids or grandkids and tasks go undone?

 Will we honor Him when our children are not making wise choices?

Will we honor Him changing stinky diapers?

Will we honor Him in that job we don’t like being a witness to those we work with that are not Christians?

Will we honor Him as we check off those to-do lists?

 Will we honor Him when our parents health is failing, and they start slipping away?

 Will we honor Him when we’re taking our last breaths?

 Will we honor Him in taking care of our bodies?

Everyday life – will we honor Him?  Everyday life are you  “serving, loving, and enjoying those whom God has entrusted to me” (you).  In order for God to use us, we have to honor Him in all we do.  Everyday we have a choice – a choice to honor God or not to honor.  “If you are a woman (or man) who honors God right where you are, you are in ministry.”

Our memory verse this week:

Hebrews 1035-36

We have to choose to be confident in Him.  We have to persevere/endure.  We have to keep our eyes on the promises He has for us.  Paraphrased it is saying, hold on, don’t give up, honor Him in all I do, confidence plus endurance will equal God’s promises.

Step by step He will show each one of  us how to walk in faith.

And Then, He Shows Up OVER and OVER!

11 Apr


Have you noticed how God shows up, and He shows off?  He shows up when I awaken in the morning and kiss a loving husband goodbye.  He shows up as I sit down with my Bible and a cup of coffee.and  look out the window at a breathtaking sunrise.

I looked out the window at a breathtaking sunrise.  Oh yes, I saw this amazing sunrise this week.  What a glorious, glorious, breathtaking moment. And THEN over and over again He shows up! He shows off for me and you every single day if we just take a moment to savor all He has created and all He has done.

Psalm 1455

He makes an ordinary day a marvelous “extra-ordinary” day when I walk outside and see this beautiful tulip.  WHY! It’s a glorious, God moment because my Dad planted tulips around our pool over 20 years ago, and they still bloom.  This year I was not sure they would because of all the remodeling around the pool, but God.  Here’s the first one and looks like more are on the way.

1 Peter 124-25

He shows up in the  most spectacular ways like today as I saw this at my neighbor’s house.

isaiah 559

He shows up in the storms.  He can calm the storms.  I lay in bed when the thunder came on Wednesday, and found myself saying, “I hear the rolling thunder and thy power throughout the universe displayed”.  How great He is!

He shows up in the evening, when I walk outside to see a moon with clouds beginning to cover it.

Genesis 114

Come see Jesus.  Be blinded by His displays of beauty all around you.  Don’t miss Him today. Be still and know Him.

Psalm 4610

Ask God to show up today.  Ask Him to show up in your dark, weak and sad moments.  He offers hope. He offers peace.

Why are we so surprised when He shows up?  Why are we surprised when He goes above and beyond what we have prayed for and about?  When God shows up in the midst of all life’s circumstances,  the impossible becomes a possibility – a miracle right in front of us.

Jeremiah 332-3

We have opportunities every single day of our lives to see Him “show up” in our lives, our homes, our jobs, our finances, our churches, our health and in nature.  Delve in His Word today.  Let Him write it on your heart.  Every word, every comma, every period has significance.  Open it up, choose one verse and see how the Word comes alive in your hearts.

Psalm 11911

He makes an ordinary day “extra-ordinary” when I pause and thank Him I have a house to clean, clothes to fold, dishes to wash, food to cook, bills that I can pay, and yes, even those flower beds that have to be weeded.

Has He made His presence known to you today?  Has He shown you a glory moment today?  Is He your hope?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

Resurrection Sunday – Easter – Looking To The Cross

27 Mar john 116

1 Thessalonians 510I look at that crown and think about my Savior who wore a crown of thorns on His head carrying my sins to the cross.  That brings tears to think of all my ugly, ugly, sin.

Resurrection Sunday, or as we grew up calling it Easter Sunday, is the oldest of the Christian holy days, and I would say it is the most important day of the church year and in the Christian life. It is typically the highest day of church attendance in the year at our church with four packed services. WHY!  Because we are celebrating the resurrection of Christ.  We, Christians believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross, and after three days He arose.  The death is commemorated on Good Friday, the Friday before Resurrection Sunday.

Resurrection Sunday is also the end of the Lent season for some – a time of fasting and prayer, solitude, and reflection. This year I have participated in Lent for the first time.  You can read about that here and here.  For me it has been a time to not only give up, but also give.  I’ve enjoyed time blessing others, and plan to do this year after year, and I have also reflected on my health with more exercise and healthier eating.  For me this year, Lent has been about preparing my heart – it’s been an awesome holy season reflecting on Jesus.  It’s been almost 40 days of reflecting on Him and the cross.

At this time of the year I think about our new creation in Christ – our “new life“.

2 corinthians 517

Spring is all about new life. Christ died for our sins and He rose. Every sin that I and you have ever committed nailed Him to the cross.  He died so that you and I can live.

Can you picture Jesus dying on that cross and arising from that tomb to give you and I grace?  Can you picture all of those death rags perhaps having words on them like fear, doubt, worthless, sinner, etc. being torn off?   On my best day, I am nothing but filthy rags.  On my worst days, He is there giving me grace. How do we experience that glorious grace?  By looking to that wonderful cross.

john 116

Today we portray the cross as something beautiful in the way we wear them – beautifully designed, and the beautiful crosses we hang in our homes, and for me outside on the house, in the flower beds.  For me it is beautiful knowing what Jesus did on that cross for me.

Do you realize what a horrible meaning the cross had in Jesus’ time?   It meant horror, it meant torture, it meant being nailed to a cross, nails driven through the wrists most likely, but possibly through the palms, and Luke depicts Jesus’s sweat becoming as blood.  It mean being spat upon, struck, scourged with a whip, ultimately with the skin of the back in ribbons, and a crown of thorns pressed upon his head, stumbling and falling as he was forced to carry his cross, nails driven through his feet, being unable to get a fresh breath of air and that’s only a small part of what the agony and pain our Christ suffered on that cross for each one of us for six long hours.   Does that break your heart?  It does mine.

I love the song “When I Survey The Wondrous Cross“.   When I survey the wondrous cross…………….OH the wondrous cross bids me come and die and find that I may truly live…….love so amazing, so divine demands my soul, my life, my ALL!

galatians 614

This week as we continue in this blessed season I have to stop and ponder daily of all He has done for me and my family. How about you?   Do you realize that he died humbly, willingly and lovingly for us?

Why didn’t He come down off that cross?  He could have called to His Father to save Him, but He willingly I am overwhelmed as I think how God sent His only begotten son to die for my sin, and I am overwhelmed to think of my sin – ugly sin that creeps up even when I am in the Word and spending hours with Him in prayer – that ole’ ugly sin of mine.  But those sins, those cracks He will use them to show His glory and grace.  We are vessels filled with His grace.  His grace and love are immeasurable.

I am overwhelmed as I think how God sent His only begotten son to die for my sin, and I am overwhelmed to think of my sin – ugly sin that creeps up even when we are in the Word and spending hours with Him in prayer – that ole’ ugly sin of mine.  I am overwhelmed by His love for me and my family.

My daughter and I were on a trip last year and we saw this beautiful cross up on a hill.  I could not help but to stop and gaze and snap a picture thinking of the ultimate sacrifice He made for me.  I could not help to pause and think Him for healing one grandson and for the trip we were on together with her carrying our future grandson (who by the way is here now and a part of us in this holy season).


How do you look to the cross?  For me, the cross is my center in Christ.  If I am not looking to the cross, I am not in the center of the cross.  He chose those nails for you and me.

John 316

Our sins nailed him to the cross, but His undying love for us and His Father kept Him there.  Amazing Grace.

In the shadow of his glorious cross how can we forget? Resurrection Sunday is today and every day!  I’m looking to the cross.  How about you?

And here is one more I love by Chris Tomlin – Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone.

It’s Spring At Our House

20 Mar

hosea 63

I love the sounds of Spring – the birds chirping every time I walk outside, and when it warms up I can throw open the windows and hear all those happy sounds.  I love the bees humming around the plants when I go out to work in the flower beds.  See that little one on the plum tree.

Spring has sprung.  Yes, yes it is the first day of Spring.  I know for some of you, it hasn’t with the snow that is still around, but for us here in Texas it is here and arrived just as the calendar said it would.  We had snow just a few weeks ago, which is unusual for us and not just once, but we went through several weeks of ice and snow.

Spring brings sunshine, longer days and storms (still waiting for that sunshine here).

I love Spring, but for us it generally means severe weather and the threat for storms and tornadoes.  From the end of March until the end of May, it’s a time to be on the watch for damaging hail and winds.  That’s the only part of Spring I don’t enjoy, and I’m sure that some of you are not enjoying the snow that is still hanging around.  But this is the day our Lord has made, and I’m rejoicing that I am here to enjoy it no matter what the weather is like.

Yesterday I mowed just a little of our acreage, and my husband came in and finished up.  It takes hours to get our yard done.  Yes, we live in Texas and Spring for us also means lots of mowing when there is lots of rain, and there has been this year – snow, sleet and rain almost every day for over three weeks now.  In fact the weather man said this evening that it has rained fifteen of the last twenty days this month.  Not complaining at all.  We have been in a drought and it’s raining again today, tonight and tomorrow.  WOOHOO!

Spring brings new beginnings.

Here are a few pictures I’ve been snapping of spring at our house this week, and all the new life and splashes of color that are just popping out all over – daffodils, tulips, our orchard trees (peaches and plums).  It felt so good to get out just an hour last evening and start weeding flower beds.  We have a whole lot of them, but over the years have downsized because it was so much work.

Psalm 8512

As Spring is springing, and I see all the beautiful green lawns sprouting out and flowers all over the neighborhood, I can’t help but reflect and being constantly aware of new life, and new beginnings because of Christ.

God is such an artist!

bunting 2

I see tulips sprouting out, or at least the leaves are that my Daddy planted, and the shasta daises that Mom loved so much. There were even two yellow butterflies outside as I was walking to the mailbox yesterday.- Mom loved them too so my thoughts go to memories of her when I see one, and two were a double blessing.  These shasta daises are coming up everywhere.  Love them!

song of solomon 211-12


Spring is the perfect time to sit on the front porch and rock my grandsons, or put them in a stroller and take a long walk!

As the rain came down today, I took my 19-month old grandson out on the porch with his blanket and sit a bit and watched it come down looking out over the front flower beds and all the new life.

Spring means weeds and working in the herb garden.


Ecclesiastes 311


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