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48 hour Joyful~Praying~Thankful Challenge

28 Feb

Yesterday Melissa Taylor gave us a, “48 hour Joyful~Praying~Thankful Challenge” based on I Thessalonians 5:18 KJV. This week’s reflection verse:

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

ALWAYS Joyful. ALWAYS Praying. ALWAYS Thankful.

I needed this challenge and I accepted that challenge. Through so much pain the month of February – primarily the death of my Mom, but also 4 friends and our Middle School Asst Principal’s husband being one of those making the national news as he was shot at a gun range, and our daughter not being able to conceive – well it has been a traumatic month, and now dealing with cleaning out a house of collectibles and family and some things I would like to share but out of privacy and love I won’t.

Am I up to the challenge – YES! I am up today praising my Savior for ALL that is good. The good that Mom is no longer suffering, the good that I have to spend days and days with my sisters to clean out the house and so far we are loving and hugging and doing things together and in agreement, lots of moments with my husband ministering to me and loving on me – he closed his shop last week to stay home with me on Saturday, and on Sunday after church he planted trees at our house in memory of Mom and Dad and my Father-in-Law.



Yesterday I headed up to school to take a blessing jar to one of my bosses, our Asst Principal in the death of her husband.



Guess what joy showed up for me at school. I had been out, the kids were waiting and saw me and said we have a surprise in our room. Here it is.



Do you see that ladies! There is ALWAYS something to be thankful for, there is ALWAYS something to praise Jesus for and ALWAYS be joyful if we stop and praise. Never stop praying, never stop praising, even through your tears.

And next Tuesday, what GLORIOUS PRAISE and JOY – I am going with my daughter-in-law and her Mom to her doctor’s appointment to hear my first grandbaby’s heartbeat.

J O Y – Jesus – Others – You


Jesus Joy – Have you ever heard of that? I have in sermons, devotions and studies. I want Jesus Joy all the time, not just sometimes. I want it in those times when I feel hopeless, in those storms of life, and in trials. I want to take the focus off me so that it is all about Him – Jesus, and through that J O Y I can love on others and their needs.

LASTLY, but all so important I PRAISE God that He placed me in Melissa Taylor’s Bible Studies last year knowing how I would need these women and these groups to love on me.Thank you God and thank you Melissa Taylor Online Bible Studies ( – now Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies) and all your staff for your love and the JOY I can have because of you through all circumstances if I stop and reflect on whose I am. I am a daughter of the King and He loves and cries with me through all my pain and all my joys. And He is the King of my JESUS JOY!

Thank you Melissa for your heart. Thank you for the most beautiful reflection verse that is now underlined in my Bible with the words penned in “Mom, Let.It.Go, Melissa and 1st grand baby written beside it.”

And now the challenge for me personally…………….

Debbie, always be joyful. Debbie, never stop praying. Debbie, be thankful in all circumstances. Debbie, this is God’s will for you. Debbie belongs to Christ Jesus.


Book Review – A Woman’s Guide To Reading The Bible In A Year

21 Feb

I just finished reading the book, A Woman’s Guide To Reading The Bible In A Year by Diane Stortz from Bethany House.  I highly recommend this book.  Have you tried to read the Bible and found you ran out of time, or it was too hard to understand or you just got tired because it was so much to read and sometimes a little boring?  I’ve been there.

It is simple and you complete only 3 chapters a day, less than twenty minutes,  and a short devotion each week .  This book made reading through the Bible so much easier for me so far this year.

In this book you truly get to know God – the promises of God are shared.  I loved how God’s holiness is shown in this book.  I loved how it made the Word come alive to me like never before.

Love this book and highly recommend it if you are reading through your Bible this year, and if you aren’t, pick up this book and see how it will make the Bible so much simpler to read in the future.

This book can be started at any time.  You do not have to wait for January so why not start it now.  The book assignments are numbered by week (52 weeks) and the three chapters  per day can be read in less than twenty minutes a day.  Each devotion blessed my heart.

WHAT-EVER As Unto The Lord

7 Feb

WHAT-EVER! How often did I hear that phrase when I was working because it usually meant a project was not completed, or a team member was not satisfied with what I was wanting or the questions I was asking.  No more!

Our first memory verse this week in the study Let.It.Go by Karen Ehman was Colossians 3:23.  I’ve changed it to the KJV version:

And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men (Colossians 3:23 (KJV)

I think I’ll never hear that word again and not reflect on that verse. WHATEVER I do I should work at it with all my heart as working for the Lord. I know that but do I do that? SOMETIMES!

In Chapter 1, we studied about the cat and dog theology. I have watched our dog as he greets my husband with so much enthusiasm like every single day. The truck pulls in the driveway, the dog starts his little noises and joyfully runs and grabs the nearest toy. I mimic the dog because I want to welcome my husband home. After all, I kiss him each morning as he leaves and tell him to drive careful and have a good day. Soooo I am using that dog-like welcome when he arrives home, and I open the door and kiss him as he is walking in, and go back to finishing dinner to give him a few moments to relax.

On Monday, after I had read this chapter in our group and watched the video, I walked out to the mailbox with the dog.  As I took the mail out of the box, he ran across the road. We had a stack of mail and it was rubber-banded with a couple of magazines. I yelled at him and said “no” and he came back and I was about to spat him and he SNARLED at me. No – I didn’t spat him. I said “bad dog”, and put him in the back yard for the rest of the day. That evening I’m telling my husband about the cat-dog theory (he knew it already) and he responds that maybe the dog snarled because God had a message for me.  OUCH!

WHAT-EVER!!!!  So is God telling me I snarl at Him?  I think I have at times when I didn’t get my way or my prayers were not answered.  Do I run to Him each morning with the same excitement of my dog?   SOMETIMES!

So Chapter 2 rolls around today. I read it weeks ago.  I see what I had highlighted, and there it is Jesus “didn’t think will this glorify me? He pondered, Will this glorify God? If it wouldn’t, He didn’t do it?” Then I have underlined in my book “If I glorify myself, my glory means nothing (John 8:54)” and next the definition of the word glorify.

GLORIFY means, “to make famous” or to “throw one’s weight around”.   All of my actions, thoughts and being should glorify my God, and He should be made famous to those around me. OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!  This makes me want to cry.

Am I glorifying God?  SOMETIMES! Am I welcoming Him each morning and evening? SOMETIMES! Do I snarl at God? SOMETIMES! Do I listen and obey? SOMETIMES.

So what has God shown me in one short chapter.  I need to greet Him ALWAYS with enthusiasm and affection and excitedly and anxiously run to Him EVERY day. I need to be obedient without a snarl.  I need to GLORIFY Him in all I do so that those watching me will want to know Him!  What a week to grow!

God has whispered to me this week about whose I am, who I serve and how I serve – how I serve Him, how I serve my family and friends and I don’t always do it to GLORIFY Him!  But I am ready to “Let.It.Go” and  that means when I am washing clothes, ironing, cooking, cleaning, teaching at school, leading a Bible study group,  mowing,  posting a message on Facebook, talking on the phone, texting, just being with friends and family or WHAT-EVER it is, that I should be making Him famous, and it means that  ” Whatsoever you  (I) do, I need to work at it heartily, as working for the Lord, and not unto men.”.   Colossians 3:23 (KJV)

WHAT-EVER friends is in your life today that you need to deal with so that you can GLORIFY Him?  Is it food, exercise, technology, bad language, drinking, drugs, gossiping?  Are you ready to Let.It.Go?  I know I am!

It’s not too late to join us on for this study.


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