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Book Review – A Woman’s Guide To Reading The Bible In A Year

I just finished reading the book, A Woman’s Guide To Reading The Bible In A Year by Diane Stortz from Bethany House.  I highly recommend this book.  Have you tried to read the Bible and found you ran out of time, or it was too hard to understand or you just got tired because it was so much to read and sometimes a little boring?  I’ve been there.

It is simple and you complete only 3 chapters a day, less than twenty minutes,  and a short devotion each week .  This book made reading through the Bible so much easier for me so far this year.

In this book you truly get to know God – the promises of God are shared.  I loved how God’s holiness is shown in this book.  I loved how it made the Word come alive to me like never before.

Love this book and highly recommend it if you are reading through your Bible this year, and if you aren’t, pick up this book and see how it will make the Bible so much simpler to read in the future.

This book can be started at any time.  You do not have to wait for January so why not start it now.  The book assignments are numbered by week (52 weeks) and the three chapters  per day can be read in less than twenty minutes a day.  Each devotion blessed my heart.

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