# BLESSED – Week 3

This was  Week 3 of  Stressed-Less Living by Traci Miles on, and once again I chose the blog topic of blessings. The more blessings I write down, the more they keep flowing into my mind each day. I am so, so grateful for blessings? Life is packed full of them, and some days I don't say thank… Continue reading # BLESSED – Week 3

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This week Melissa Taylor encouraged us in her OBS to continue our list of blessings. As I have gone through the past week, I noticed things I usually am too busy to stop and enjoy - a squirrel running across the flower bed as I drove in, bumble bees swarming around plants, flowers blooming, and… Continue reading # BLESSED – WEEK 2

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# BLESSED – Week 1

Is it April already? This year has certainly not been boring as I long for just one day of quietness for time to leisure in a fiction-type book, or work in my flower beds, or just go shopping. Why am I rushing all the time? I am retired? REALLY! God has poured blessings into all… Continue reading # BLESSED – Week 1