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                                                                                                                                                                                                                    This is week 5 of Stressed-Less Living by Traci Miles with Melissa Taylor Online Bible Studies.  Although, there were some topics I wanted to write about this week, life just got in the way with year-end school and subbing for teachers taking their last leave days, and also many subs have given up for the year.  So, I stayed with my list of blessings this week and picked up with the last five I have written down as of today.  That list is surely to grow as I have time to sit down and continue to count the blessings we take for granted.

BIRDS – I absolutely love walking out on our porch with a morning cup of coffee and my Bible.  Don’t you love watching the sun rise while sipping  coffee and praising God for the majesty of that sun rise or a sun set??? They can be breathtaking.

This morning I watched the sun rise and first thing the birds were chirping and cooing and welcoming spring – robins, doves, sparrows, red birds and others coming to our feeders and our bird baths, and I have already seen some hummingbirds.

Many times I can remember when I was younger, those birds would irritate me when I was trying to sleep in and they would be chirping at day break – not anymore – I can’t wait to get up and spend time with my Lord and all his beautiful creations.  I have the windows thrown open this morning and am listening to them chirping even now.  Love it!  What if there were no chirps????

TECHNOLOGY – Technology can be both a blessing and a curse.  I choose to use that kindle, iPad, telephone, laptop, desktop, Pinterest and Facebook  to God’s glory.  How about you?  What do you post on Facebook?  I decided a couple of years ago if it did not honor or glorify God, it was not going to be posted.  A few times yes I felt like hitting a share button on my page that did not honor my Father, but I now pause before liking and pause before sharing or commenting.  So next time before you click – THINK is that really honoring my creator?

PRAYER – How often do you pray?  I pray more than once daily.  I find myself in a constant state of prayer, but the most meaningful is when I am on my knees, during those gut-wrenching prayers, and during that time it is almost always for my family and friends.  Prayer is one of the most important things a person can take time to do.

FREEDOM – I am so very thankful for the freedoms we have.  I am blessed each time I substitute teach when we say the pledge to the American flag and the Texas flag.  Thankful we can still do that at school.  After spending forty-three years with the Department of Defense, how could I not love our flag?  I love our military because they were who I supported.  The Pledge of Allegiance is a privilege and a blessing sometimes taken for granted.  I thank God I was born in this great country.  May God continue to bless America


MEMORIES – We do not remember days; we remember moments.  ~Cesare Pavese, The Burning  Brand. 

One of my favorite things to say is “make the moments matter”.  I don’t remember where I heard that phrase but I also say “savor the time”.  God brought those words to me several years back when I realized my Mom would not be with us long, but I apply it across my life now.  I make the moments matter with my mother-in-law and our married children and my husband.  Life is too short to not make memories.

So how about you?  Have you started a list of blessings?  I think you will find it amazing to see all the little things that God has blessed you with, and we take them for granted.  I invite you to share below several of your blessings and remind you what a blessing it is to start counting them when you become stressed or frustrated.


18 thoughts on “# BLESSED – WEEK 5”

  1. Thanks for listing more of your blessings. It is a joy to read them. I haven’t started writing mine down but plan too. God is amazing and we are so blessed.


  2. How beautiful Debbie! I remember a season of my life when I so enjoyed listening to the birds chirping and watching the sun rise in the morning. Now, I am in an opposite season. Many times I watch the beauty of the sun setting with pink and golden streaks across the sky as if the very finger of God swirled through them. It is such a blessing to know you and read your beautiful words. Love you!


    1. Thank you Beth. I use every opportunity I can to lead our kids to Christ. It is hard in school, but I can be a witness and yesterday I got a little bit in when a child told me he didn’t want to read a chapter again and I told him I do it all the time. Told him I did it in college and now I do it in my bible study. Just a bit here and a bit there. Two kids got in a fight when I was subbing boys PE so they got a lecture on honor and bullying. God put me there – I just have to work it like the system requires.Thanks for commenting. Debbie


  3. Twice now on my blog, I have posted 30 days of Thanksgiving in November. It always seems so daunting, but by the end of the month I am always wishing for more time. When we focus on our blessings, we see more blessings!

    First and foremost, I have a God that loves me in spite of myself. I am blessed with a wonderful husband of 30 years, 2 married children, one grandchild and one on the way. I have a supportive extended family and some friends that should be family. I am thankful for the flowers God gives me every day during the growing season, The pictures He paints me in the clouds and the fall trees, the songs He sings to me through the birds and the thunderstorms and the comedy skits He allows me to see in the squirrels and the male hummingbirds.

    Just a few of my many blessings. Thank you for inspiring that.

    Mindy H
    The Howell Blessings


  4. Debbie, I love sharing your “blessings!” You really have a “gift!” I love birds too, and I felt like I was sitting on my back porch with my coffee and Bible enjoying the beautiful birds and the sun coming up! I just “feeling” the Lord’s presence!


  5. Finally getting a chance to read your blog and I would have to say that it is one of my blessings. Since we started this study, I have been keeping a list too. One of mine is being able to hear the voices of my loved ones. It is something I took for granted until I got sick and it affected my hearing. Thankfully, it is back to normal. Thanks for the reminder to get our humminbird feeder out. 🙂


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