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So how does your heart respond to this verse?  That was the question from MelissaTaylor.Org.  It caused me to pause and reflect on how I trust God DAILY to deliver me and lead me through whatever comes my way.  In our study last week, Melissa talked about David and his giant.  David took those five stones in his pocket and a slingshot – but it was David’s TRUST in God that slayed the giant!

Things happen in our lives that hurt so deeply, and often times they do not even make sense to us.  It is during those times we have to trust. I know from trials that we have walked through that He is my Comforter and He will give me strength.  I know He can carry me through anything if I remain prayerful and thankful.  I also know once He has walked me through it that I will be so much closer to Him.

On Pgs. 171-172 of Stressed-Less Living, Tracie Miles wrote “This daily obedience is where we find the infusion of emotional strength that allows us to walk in his peace when we face doubts and fears.  Strength to walk in his joy when we cannot find any reason to be joyful.  Strength to stand firm in our faith when things seem hopeless.  And strength to be strong when the painful things of life are taking their toll on our hearts.”  We have to TRUST daily and we must be obedient daily.

In Proverbs 3:5 (KJV) it says, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.”.   It reminds me of a song we used to sing in church – “Through It All”.   “Through it all I’ve learned to trust in Jesus, I’ve learned to trust in God……..I’ve learned to depend upon his word.”  Do you thank him for the mountains, the valleys, the storms He has brought you through?  If you never had a trial,   you would never know how loving and kind He has, and the power He has to change things. Love this version of the song by Selah.

WHY is it so hard for us to trust him with EVERY minute detail of our lives????  WHY is it that we can look at others when they are going through trials and speak an encouraging word like it is going to be alright, just hang in there, and then bam in the midst of trials and heartaches that come into our life,  there we go forgetting all that advice we’ve given to others.

Have you ever wondered where God was during trials?    Our lives can change in a moment from better to worse or worse to better and they will change.   One thing I always say when times are rough is “This too shall pass.”  I know it will.  I just need to TRUST!  I also have learned during the good times to thank Him because I know there are going to be hard times.

I remember the first time I really read  Isaiah 43:7 “for I have created for my glory”.  He created each one of us for his glory and he created every single thing for us to enjoy.  I wonder if I have truly glorified Him during many of my struggles like losing weight and what I eat.  Do I glorify Him when my husband says something and I clam up?

No matter what is going on in my life – good or traumatic I should be glorifying Him every day.  Jesus set the example for us as He glorified our Father in all He did and all the way through to dying on the cross for us.  He did it with glory.

Are you trusting God through it ALL?

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Song:  Through It All by Selah on Youtube

11 thoughts on “TRUST”

  1. Debbie…You are so right about it being easy to have faith for others and encourage them to trust God in the middle of their storm but hard to do for ourselves. I like when you said “the secret to trust is practicing…” The more we trust God maybe the easier it will become to release things quickly that we weren’t meant to carry. I am choosing to put my hope, trust, and confidence in Him! Thinking of you tonight, friend, and saying a prayer for you. Love, Shelly


    1. Thanks Shelly. Practice makes perfect and trying to hang on to that during this difficult week. Hugs. Can’t wait to read your blog – I am so far behind after being gone all day and tomorrow and Sat will be too, but I’m reading yours first. Hugs.


  2. As I read your blog this is what stood out for me, I guess because I have said it myself. “WHY is it that we can look at others when they are going through trials and speak an encouraging word like it is going to be alright, just hang in there, and then bam in the midst of trials and heartaches that come into our life and derailing us, we quickly and easily forget that advice in all our panic, hurt and fear. We wonder where is God in all of this, we feel rejected, abandoned, and overwhelmed. ” I think God is really wanting me to see I need to “Trust Him throughout whatever crosses my path.” Thank you for sharing this and may God bless you on your journey to find a stressless life.


  3. Debbie, I shared part of this with a friend from my church who messaged me just as I was reading this. She was having trouble with trusting God. I think you posted this so I could help her. Thank you for your obedience to Christ.
    Love and prayers,


  4. Oh sweet Debbie, big hugs to you. It is true that it is easier to tell others how to get through something then to encourage ourselves when we are walking through it. I know today was hard for you. I pray the Lord will surround you with His loving arms and comfort tonight and you will feel His presence in a strong way with you. He is with you and will carry you through. Love you!


    1. Thank you Sue! It was tough. When mom was so bad in Dec in the hospital she was hallucinating and for days she laid there not sleeping and was selling everything in her house – that’s all I could think about this morning when I woke up. Selling all her stuff to strangers is hard, hard, hard. Hugs. Love you!


  5. I so often tie his Hands even while wanting to lay down at His feet. I think I know best. I think I’ve got things under control. But the reality is, I just make a huge mess while I’ve left Him sitting there unwelcome in my practical life. Thank you for laying it out there boldly and calling me from this destructive path! Swing by Walking Redeemed again today, if you get a moment, and link up whatever it is that He has placed on you heart this week. You are a blessing!


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