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Blessed – Super Moon – BIG God!

Sunday night the super moon reached its orbit closest to earth.  Yes it did!  To many folks around the earth it was magical and so many other things.  To me it was nothing but the awesomeness of my God - a gift to enjoy, and both my husband and I watched together.  As I viewed the… Continue reading Blessed – Super Moon – BIG God!

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Mary and Martha were two sisters in the Bible and Jesus was on the way to their home. Do you resonate with either one of them? Honestly sometimes for me I am Mary and sometimes a Martha. Martha was busy.  I can be busy, busy, busy, but I also know how to relax and there are… Continue reading ONE THING!

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Blessings – Week 8 – Texas Heat

Since those of us here in  Texas are burning up in almost 100 degree weather and I have been out mowing and sweating and finally came in to take a shower, I stopped to think how can I call a Texas summer a blessing.  I am not by any means complaining about summer - it… Continue reading Blessings – Week 8 – Texas Heat