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Are you broken-hearted today, filled with grief or pain from losing a child or other family member, miscarriage, infertility, guilt from an abortion, marital problems or divorce, an addiction, rape, the repentance of a loved one, a friend’s deceit, news of a terminal illness, bankruptcy, taking care of an aging parent, or a child with special needs.

Sometimes we deal with a spouse’s infidelity or we have committed the infidelity.  Sometimes we lose someone we have been engaged to or planned to marry.

This list could go on and  – there are so many things that have and will break your heart and mine.

None of us are immune to being broken-hearted.  In fact, I believe all of us will go through being heart-broken in at least one or more of the things I’ve listed above.  For me this year it was the loss of my Mom during  Valentine’s week after many years of watching her suffer not only physically but mentally from depression of losing my dad – for eighteen years she could never let God heal that pain.  I

Like some of you, I experienced miscarriages –  both early and late after hearing heart beats.  As I went through miscarriage after miscarriage, I was told my chances of having a child were zero.  Little did my doctor know the Great Physician would change that zero to a hundred percent.  See “My Most Memorable Gift From God – Trust Fund Baby”.


Some of you may have a baby in an intensive care unit.  Our daughter was 2 lbs 6 ozs and nine weeks early.  Our hearts broke she was in the hospital for over two months wondering if we would ever bring her home.  It was a daily journey not knowing from hour to hour if that fragile, teeny, little girl would survive the NICU, but thousands of people all over the United States were  lifting her and us in prayer. God was with our broken hearts all those weeks as we watched her suffer and go through ups and downs, and finally God healed her and we brought her home.

We were brokenhearted when we lost a nephew about to start college in a car accident, and later his brother who was about to graduate from college died unexpectedly.  Yes we have known broken-heartedness watching a mother grieve in the loss of both of her boys – that gut wrenching grief that you never want to go through or see.  Holidays were not the same and never will be without those precious boys.  During that same time my husband and I both lost our dads within a few years apart.

Did you know our awesome God is concerned about our broken hearts?  He has the power to heal our broken hearts if we run to Him and ask Him to heal our pain.  In Psalm 34:18 it says, “The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit”.  Have you ever read the story of Lazarus?  It is a touching scene of Jesus crying at Lazarus’ grave. He hurt with Lazarus’ family. He hurts when we hurt.  I have often wondered how people deal with grief when they do not have God to carry them through.  It is unthinkable to me how I could have gone through any of my heartbroken times had I not been able to run to him,  and let him heal my heart.
Maybe that is why I love this verse and it is staying on my mind as we study to memorize it this week.  Do you remember when you were a child and you would get hurt and run to your mom, and how she would love on you and take care of your wounds or even a sickness like tonsilitis or strep and making you tomato or chicken noodle soup?  Mom would make chicken noodle soup for me.  I loved it when Mom would come in and put clean sheets on my bed when I was sick.   I remember being up all night with my toddlers who had many ear aches and rocking and cuddling them, and when they were older getting their wisdom teeth out and taking care of them.  Do you know that is what Jesus does – he takes care of us when we run to him?  Psalms 147:3  gives me a picture of me crawling up and sitting in His lap and him cuddling me and healing my broken heart as He wraps me in His arms.  I don’t have to picture it though because He is there to do it anytime I come to Him in prayer with a broken heart.
When my heart is hurting, I run to my Lord, my Father.  So if you are brokenhearted today my friend, take that brokenness to the only one that can heal it, to the one who really cares, and to the one who hurts with you when you cry!

Lastly, I share this song.  It was the one song that God gave me that carried me through one of the biggest heartbreaks of my life.   I hope it carries you through like it did me.  Johnathan Pierce in Healing Hands and the video is amazing.

23 thoughts on “HEALED”

      1. Love this Debbie – thank you for sharing not the hurts in your life but how God has loved on you, comforted you and healed your brokenness.


  1. Debbie, this sharing from your heart blessed me. You have earned the platform to speak on close to the brokenhearted and God used you to be a dispenser of hope to so many!


  2. This is beautiful. Our pain and heartache is temporary and I cannot wait for the day it is all wiped away! Thank you for sharing your heart, even when it hurts! I am always blessed to find you have linked one of your posts with me over at Walking Redeemed!


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