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This week many of us have said YES to God as we read Chapter 1 of What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa Terkeurst. 

After reading the first chapter it was obvious that I was not fully saying yes to my God.  Actually it was probably a big ‘ole Texas girl saying  “yeah God” or “okay God”.  We read this week how Lysa gave her Bible to a man on the plane, and how that Bible later changed his life.  I sit there reading that story and said “really”.  Not me!  I do not believe that I could give away my cherished Bible that my family gave me one Christmas.   It is marked up, highlighted, inked, and marked with every sermon I have heard, with notes from every Bible study and much more. Right now I do not know what will happen if I am ever in that situation.  My prayer is I can do what Lysa did, and do what God says to do.  I truly believe today I could give it away if it meant one soul could fall in love with my Savior.

I do not want to be known to my Father as a “no” girl.  How many times have I said no and missed the opportunity to bless those around me?  How many times have I said no because I was tired, because I felt bad, because there just was no time to fit it in, too selfish, and so busy with the things of this world that I did not heed the calling of my Father.  How many blessings have I missed?  How many lives were not changed because of my “noes”?  How many people who just needed someone to care have I ignored because of busyness?

Lysa says in her workbook, “When a Woman says Yes she can change the world”.  I truly believe that.   A woman can touch lives of her spouse, children, grandchildren, friends and other family members.   She can change those around her.  And, each one touched by the Master’s hand will touch others.  We may not see the impact that we have made today, it may be years, it may be in future generations – but it will happen one yes at a time.

“Our mess is a perfect match for the Messiah.  And when the Messiah touches our mess, it’s then supposed to become our message to the world” (Lysa Terkeurst).  So do you have a mess?  Do you have a story?  We all do!  Even when we say Yes there are still going to messes, but the important thing is to start.  Let Him start weaving a different story in your life.  Let Him help you through your messes.  Start like Lysa said in a video this week like a seed that is comfortable in his seed packet and scared when he is placed in that ground below, and be watered – watered by Jesus as you step out of your comfort zone and say “Yes”.   May you, the little seed, break out and blossom into the beautiful masterpiece that God made!

Little seed break out and blossom.png

Have you said Yes to God!   I have.  I want to be a “YES” girl, someone He can depend on, someone others can depend on, someone who does not fear His callings, someone who is stalwart, someone who sits at His feet, someone who does not argue with my Father, someone who feels Him tugging daily.  Here are a few examples of things where I have said Yes:

  • Yes to marry a man that loved the Lord
  • Yes to being the Director of a Nursery and Pre-School for years when my heart was hurting from miscarriages
  • Yes to raising children to know the Lord
  • Yes to going back to college at the age of 41
  • Yes to retirement which took me years until the Lord spoke one day I needed to be with my ailing Mom more
  • Yes to going to see my Mom and ministering even after 10-hour days at work, after church every Sunday to take her lunch
  • Yes to an on-line Bible study after retirement
  • Yes to being a Leader in the most amazing group of women with so many doubts of leading women but letting God take the lead and equip me
  • Yes to ministering to people in need around me even if it is just a prayer, a meal, a hug, a phone call, a lunch or coffee together
  • Yes to substitute teaching
  • Yes to loving those who hurt me – yes, yes, yes

So how about you, have you said YES?  Has God been whispering to you?  Six little words  – “Whatever God says do, DO it” (Lysa TerKeurst).

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19 thoughts on “#YES TO God”

  1. What a POWERFUL GOOD testimony this YES Lord post is Debbie! I praise Him for you & your witness..your loving heart & tender SEED like spirit. #PalmsUp sistah…I LOVE you.
    I am humbled that you chose to use my visual…may it touch many YES LORD hearts..ready to burst forth!
    Broken yet not destroyed…ready to LIVE for Jesus! Isaiah 61:1-3


  2. What an amazing write up. I am truly amazed how everyone has a story, yet we all have one thing in common saying yes to the Lord! It’s amazing to see how we all have similar thoughts in yet such different ways! Following your blog via the blog hop, hope you can stop by my page! =)


  3. As I read your list of “yes”es, I realized that many of them were identical to my list…retiring, helping take care of my mother, leading a women’s Bible study at my church, etc. Saying “yes” to God is not always what we WANT to do but what we NEED to do!


  4. Debbie, I absolutely LOVE your blogs! They make me happy. This really is beautiful. And I struggled to do one, and you did FOUR! Thank you so much for sharing so much with us!


  5. I too am glad I finally said Yes to God allowing Him to push me way out of my comfort zone and not realizing at the time where God would take me. A year ago I would never have imagined being a leader with such amazing group of women or having 3 new Christians in my church join to do this study , wow God has surprised me by taking my thirst and bringing me closer to Him through OBS . I thank Him for you too and how your blogs have ministered to my soul throughout his past year.
    Marilyn (OBS Group Leader)


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