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Wholly Committed

Wholly Committed was one of the topics this week in our study of What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa TerKeurst.  As I sit here right now I am thinking what am I going to be able to blog about being wholly committed. I look at that verse and things we have learned this week.

John 15:4 – Abide in me and I in you………

REMAIN – Melissa Taylor told us we have to remain (or abide as it says in the KJV).  We don’t have to physically hold on to Jesus – He is physically carrying us because we choose to remain in Him.  It has to be a choice to remain in Him when the world brings us down.

We do not fear because God is going to be with us through every bit of it.  We do not have to fear ANYTHING!

So what does wholly committed mean?

Wholly – solely and exclusively: solely and to the exclusion of all other things

Committed –  to give in trust or charge; consign

Holy – exalted or worthy of complete devotion as perfect in goodness and righteousness.

Wholly committed I believe means giving everything to Him and allowing Him to be Lord of my life solely and exclusively.  I know I fail so often in that area – probably every day in some way – a wrong thought, a wrong word to someone, a wrong tone in my voice, etc.  Am I really wholly committed – not yet?  God’s still working on me!

As I thought about wholly I changed it to read holy.  As I turn my thoughts to Jesus I realize only He can make me more holy as I stay wholly committed to Him.  Being a woman wholly committed to Christ is going to make me different than many of my family and friends.  Being wholly committed I find myself examining circumstances in life differently.  But being holy I will love as Jesus did!  Being holy I will exalt Him and give Him my complete devotion over everything!

God should be crucial in everything I do.  Sometimes we wait until we encounter hardships or a sickness and go to God as our last resort.  He needs to be the Lord of my life and I need to allow Him to guide me through every step.  I need to be a whole-hearted Christian, not a half-hearted Christian who only follows Him when it is comfortable or easy or convenient.

Being wholly committed is choosing to worship over worry!  It is choosing to pray and kneel at His feet when life is happening.  We need to be so committed to what God wants, and not our wants.  Being wholly committed is letting the  Lord be LORD of all  in my life – not only portions of my life.  He is with me all the time, every minute of my life – not just when I am in this Bible Study, not just when I am in church, not just when I am praying but through it ALL!  Standing with my #PalmsUp and #Amazed at all God is doing through this study and my heart and my life!



6 thoughts on “Wholly Committed”

  1. Hello Debbie. I loved how you inserted “holy” into “wholly.” So very fitting and eye opening. The quote that really jumped out at me was when you wrote: “being holy I will love as Jesus did! I will exalt Him and give Him my complete devotion over everything.” Amen sister!!! I loved your post and perspective on wholly. Thank you for speaking into my heart today ❤


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