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#Yes to God – If You Say So

Cold withMixandI

Our yes stories are sometimes big, sometimes small, and sometimes just a small act of obedience that can glorify our Savior.  My Yes story this week took an amazing turn of events!

“Saying yes to God is always the right thing to do, but it’s not always the easiest thing to do.  In fact, sometimes it’s really hard, uncomfortable, or inconvenient.  But God has a purpose in those difficult moments.  He uses them to challenge us, refine our hearts, and make us holy-pure-in-heart women He can use for a noble purpose.”  Lysa Terkeurst – What Happens When Women Say Yes to God Workbook

Last week, the second week of this study, we were at the hospital awaiting the birth of our first grandchild.  We had sat all night Sunday and late Monday afternoon enjoying all the text messages our son was sending and suddenly they stopped.  After an hour or so, our son came out with devastating news.  Colt was born and something was wrong with his feet.

We finally got to go back and see him for just a moment.  He was beautiful!  I put my hand down and he grabbed my finger.  How thrilling, how precious was that – and I had waited years for a moment like this – a GOD MOMENT.    Just a few minutes later the nurse came in to take him to the pediatrician.  Minutes later the pediatrician and the neonatologist arrived with more devastating news.  Colt had no skin on his feet and they were like a burn victims.  They had no idea what was wrong and Colt would be transported within an hour to a children’s hospital.  My daughter-in-laws mother and I threw our arms around each other and cried.

My son asked us to go home and get a nap so my husband and I came home, took a shower, sit on the sofa and cried.  As God spoke to us in those moments, He said GO, sleep can wait and your son needs you, and we said Yes Lord.    No way could we go to sleep when our son was alone and hurting while his wife and parents had to stay back at the other hospital.

As we drove to the hospital 40 miles away, I said what we need to pray for right now is that there is a doctor that knows what this is.  We got to the hospital and the doctor indeed knew what it was – a very rare horrible skin disease called EB, and it had damaged his feet. His mouth and hands had sores as well.  He would be in the hospital at least two months.  They had done 3 biopsies to see what stage.  Our dreams for our little grandson were squashed as we learned about EB – a life-time disease.

Fast forward as I wrote a little about this last week and my obedience to God.  I said YES when He said I might have to give up my facebook group in my Bible Study.  That was painful and out of obedience  I messaged the girls. This is what I said:   “Dear Group 31, Things did not go well today. Little Colt has been transferred. I can’t share just now because my heart is heavy, but what we are dealing with is unknown. Pray for a doctor that knows. We need your prayers and I need you ladies to help me carry this group the next 2 months. Right now I am thinking I can’t do it, but also thinking about radical obedience. Will you help me keep this group what it is? Love you girls. Lots of tears today and we came home to sleep but can’t – we have to go be with our son and Colt since Whitney is still in the hospital.”   That group that took over, posting prayers, devotions, songs and daily assignments. #SayWhat – #Say Yes#Amazed.  Group 31 gave me time to be with my family and God to be still and pray.

A college friend of my daughter- in- laws said YES,  establishing a facebook page for Colt so that others could lift him in prayer.  People all over the world earnestly praying bold and daring prayers.  I constantly saw in my newsfeed people who said YES we will pray and YES we will share his page asking others to share and pray.  The phone was ringing, texts, private messages and emails by the hundreds started arriving and cards a few days later and visits at the hospital  by family and friends who came there to pray with us.  Many had a special prayer or testimony time in their churches for Colt.  People were praying in  Africa, Australia, Puerto Rico, South America, Colorado, California, Florida, Texas, Virginia, Indiana, North Carolina, Maine, Connecticut, Oklahoma and probably every state if we stopped and counted!

Immediately Colt started improving.  The staff at the hospital expected him to break out all over his body  in sores which is typical of this disease in the first few days.  He did not.  They expected him not to be able to wear diapers.  He did.  Sometimes they can not eat because of the sores.  He did and kept wanting more.  They would unwrap his hands and that little hand would pop up and grab the physical therapist’s hand.  I did not think I would ever be able to hold him and on Sunday the news was so good that both the grandmother’s were able to hold him for a few God moments.   That has been the testimony over and over that this baby is doing better than any EB baby they have ever seen at the hospital.  Why – I choose to believe it is because of all the prayers and God’s healing hand on this child.  Why?  Because thousands said Yes to God as they prayed and believed and dared that God can and does do miracles!

I had read our chapter for the week twice – Chapter 4 where Lysa shared her story of her daughter Ashley.  I was sitting in the waiting room reading this chapter again.  On Pg 64 I had underlined, but not really grasped the significance.  It says, “God’s child to give and His to take back.  God loves Ashley even more than we do.  We must trust His plan.  We have to get it settled in our hearts that we will love God no matter the outcome of Ashley’s surgery.”  What a moment that was as I sit there.  I took my pen and underlined what was previously highlighted, and then I took the highlighter and wrote Colt.  From that moment I saw a God that changed our circumstances as I trusted His plan.


“For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him: Therefore also I have lent him to the Lord; as long as he liveth he shall be lent to the Lord. And he worshipped the Lord there.”           1 Samuel 1:27-28 (KJV)

Today Colt is going home – two months and now just two weeks for him.   We are still praying.  I hope you will.  If this is the first time you have heard about Colt I hope you will follow his status and pray for him here.  This is a life-time skin disease for him unless God decides different,  and we are still praying for a good biopsy report  and total healing of this disease.  One of his great grandmother’s said she had this word – From EB to CB (cured baby).  That is our request to God.  We are praying bold and daring prayers that He will heal Colt so that the world can see!  We are believing and trusting and saying Yes as we pray daily.


How is God asking you today to say yes?  Is he asking you to spend a few minutes praying or reading his word?   Is he asking you to make a phone call or visit someone who is hurting?  Is he asking you to apologize to someone?     Is He asking you to take your children to church?  Is He asking you to pray over each family member as you fold their clothes?  Is he asking you to hug someone?   Saying no to sin is saying YES!     Choose a soft voice instead of a loud voice when the kids need scolding.  When you are tempted to give your husband a cold shoulder, hug him instead.  When you want to blurt out unkind words, pause instead.  These are all simple ways to start saying yes.

Is He tugging on your heart?   Are you listening?  Are you walking through your life oblivious to what He wants to say to you?    Lysa reminded us “there is no end to what God can do with you – if you let Him”!   Will you let Him be your Lord of ALL!

“Saying yes to God isn’t about perfect performance, but rather perfect surrender to the Lord day by day.”  Lysa Terkeurst


Updating today – 4/7/16 and joining #LiveFreeThursday with Suzanne Eller.

Today Colt is two and a half years old.  He does have minor EB problems which is unheard of.  He still has occasional sores, but they heal and they shouldn’t.  His feet totally grew skin.  It does not peel off when he wears shoes, but he wears soft ones and has been able to wear some tennis shoes.  He does have some issues with his bowels because his type of EB deals with the esophagus and the feet.  God has been gracious and we are so thankful for Colt.  He is so much fun and tries anything.

Finally, I just want to praise God for one more thing today.  When all this diagnosis happened, I prayed so hard and told my family and friends I was praying that God gave Colt a gene to heal the EB.  Sound crazy?  Not to me.  The following year when my son and DIL and Colt had all their gene testing done, the doctor’s said Colt has a gene they have never seen in addition to the EB.  I smiled and said, “That’s his God gene.”  AMEN!

Here is a picture last week of him driving his 4-wheeler in our back yard.



63 thoughts on “#Yes to God – If You Say So”

  1. Debbie, What an amazing story of faith, trust, grace and saying yes to God! I’m so thankful that I have found you, and that I can pray with you for Colt!
    Praying for continued blessings!


    1. Thank you Angie! It’s all God and I know He brought us together. Usually I read all the blogs. Last week only a few that I chose because of what was happening and I chose yours – rather God chose it. #AMAZED


  2. Debbie, thank you and Mix and Whitney for allowing all of us to go on this journey with you. We are blessed to see what God is doing.


  3. Debbie, your faith has blessed me immensely as you have shared with us during Colt’s journey. Your OBS family will be bold with you until Colt is a CB! Thank you for saying “yes” and for sharing your heart with us! We love you guys!


  4. Colt’s journey is inspiring many & is a true testament to the power of prayer. He’s adorable Debbie! It blessed my heart to see him wearing clothes for the first time the other day. Another small blessing! I’m praying for many more in the coming weeks!


  5. Oh thank you so much for sharing this with us. It’s very inspiring, to trust God-have courage and believe and know He has everything under control. To say Yes to God. Im so blessed just being albe to follow your blog and to think i wouldnt even know about it had i not joined the proverbs 31 bible study. God is truly amazing and I have been blessed beyond measure in this study and also following your story. Blessed to have the opportunity & priviledge to pray for this sweet grandbaby of yours. This little grandson will be a living testimony to so many people. Will continue praying for baby Colt & the whole family. God is good and radical obedience can lead to radical changes!


  6. Debbie, Amen! “Saying no to sin is saying yes.” Little Colt is so loved and prayed for – God is so good. I loved reading that you and the other grandma were given a few precious God minutes to hold him. He is mighty to save and decide differently, but even if He doesn’t – what a mighty group of prayer warriors you have!! ❤ you!


  7. Wow! What a powerful testimony of saying #YestoGod! Thank you for sharing your story with us! I have fallen in love with Colt! My heart melted at his precious pictures! I will add him to my prayer list! From EB to CB, Lord, is what we ask in Your son’s name, Jesus! Amen!


  8. Debbie, I am so honored I was allowed to go on this journey with you daily through our FB group. Each time I think I am losing faith over my own issues, God chooses to remind me of you and Colt. I know miracles can happen and we are all witnessing one now. Still saying my special prayer daily for him. Thank you for coming into my life and for having the strength to share with us Colt’s amazing story. Can’t wait to hear more about our CB baby!


    1. Thank you lady! This has been a miracle that God is showing a whole lot of people. Colt still has a lot to go through – already 3 appts thru next Tues but the hospital said that EB babies don’t do this well. They work on sores and more come but his kept getting better with no new ones and even his mouth is looking better.


  9. Debbie, I’ve been praying for Colt since the request was shared with my Proverbs 31 OBS group. Thanks for sharing your side of the story 🙂 I’m Mom to twin boys who were in the Neonatal ICU for 4 months. Their first pediatrician said they would never walk, talk, or feed themselves. God had other ideas – today they are doing all of that and more. They are now 12 years old, still have some struggles, but they remind me every day that God loves to take the impossibilities and make them possible.


    1. Amen Ruth. Our daughter was a preemie in NICU for 3 months over 31 years ago and was supposed to be sick and slow. She was valedictorian and was sigma cum laude thru college. Praying Colt does as well. THanks for all your prayers.


  10. Awesome Debbie will continue to hold each of you up in constant prayer. Yes from EB to CB,there is power in prayer and God is using your journey as a testimony to how awesome our God is. Going home today that is so #Amazing and what joy for each of you. Loved seeing the picture of you holding Colt, you were just beaming. Many blessings with more to follow.


  11. Debbie, so glad to hear about Colt’s amazing stride to recovery. God is such an awesome God! I am still praying for Colt and family. So happy you and the other grandmother got to hold Colt. That is just amazing! Lindzie’s mommy got to hold her yesterday. So happy for them too and I can’t wait till I can hold her and snuggle her little body against mine. #Amazed! Love you sweet lady!


    1. Thank you – That holding Colt was a God moment. My son said I could last night when we took dinner but his skin is probably not ready for a whole lot of people to be holding him so I’m holding back for another God moment! Can’t wait for you to hold Kenzie! Hugs!


  12. Debbie I was brought to tears when I went to reading your posts. I have actually being following on facebook about Colt. I had no idea that it was one of my OBS sisters family. I have been praying for Colt and the whole family. I hope things continue to go good.


    1. Thank you Tabitha. Thank you for your prayers. He is doing well for an EB baby – really well – but has a very long way to go and a lifetime if he isn’t healed, but the hospital was amazed as we were – a two month stay was less than 2 weeks. He has appts today and every day next week so praying he keeps improving. His little feet look bad but they say they are improved alot and his mouth sores are better. Thank you for following us and please keep praying.


  13. Beautiful, real-life example of saying YES to God, Debbie! Thank you for sharing from your very fresh pain! It is obvious already that God has a radical plan for Colt’s life! He has a strong legacy of bold obedience to the Lord to follow. How blessed he is to have such a faithful Grandma! 🙂
    Blessings in Christ,
    Molly 🙂


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