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AMAZED is our hash tag this week in our Bible Study – What Happens When Women Say Yes to God.  I love that word and could not wait to look it up!

Amazed – to affect with great wonder; astonish (Free on-line dictionary)

Over a year ago I was approached to be a group leader for Proverbs 31 On-Line Bible Studies.  Say What Lord?  There is absolutely no way I could lead a  group – a participant yes – a leader no!  As I pondered that, all the doubts started flowing.  Lord I am not qualified.  Lord I am not a Bible scholar.  Lord I won’t know how to answer those girl’s questions.  Lord there are so many more women able to do this that have more experience leading women.  Why me Lord?    Lord you know I am too busy and overwhelmed – I just retired – I have to take care of my Mom and my house is so disorganized from working all my life.  Lord I do not have the patience and I am afraid.  And that list goes on………………….

The invitation to lead was mine, and I could accept it and remain a participant or decline.  No pressure!  I prayed and prayed and prayed.  I talked to my husband and my daughter and my daughter-in-law to see what they thought, and each one encouraged me and the girls were my cheerleaders.   I saw excitement in them for me in a new journey.  I wanted my life to be more than routine.  I wanted more than just going to church, more than just going to Bible studies at church and more than just a participant, and I had always wanted to lead women having done it on a small scale at church.  Finally after a few days I said Yes – not a bold yes because I truly was afraid.

That first group I led and I began to hear ladies share gut-wrenching problems that I did not know how to respond to. Say What Lord!  I literally got down on my knees in tears several times because I did not know how to respond.  I mean I got down with crocodile tears and bawled when I heard their hurts.  I was not equipped how to respond.  I am not a psychologist.  I prayed for wisdom to respond and eventually was able to provide a response I felt was from God.  I am thankful to say that first study was my hardest – the problems in that study were my hardest – but God used those hard moments to grow me.  And I have found that at Proverbs 31 there is always someone that is waiting to help.

Today almost six studies later I am AMAZED – astonished what God has done in my life and astonished to watch what he has done in the lives and hearts of thousands of women all over the world.  God does not call the equipped, He enables those He calls!  If we do what He has called us to do we will feel joy and peace. I love my group and all they are and what they have helped me to become.

I am an imperfect child of God serving a perfect God!

My challenge to you today –  what  is God calling you to do?  He will equip you as you walk in faith.

Love this song – Lord I’m Amazed  by The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir



8 thoughts on “#AMAZED”

  1. This post so touched my heart, thank you. Yes, God is more than capable of equipping us if we are willing to do what He calls us to do! That fear factor does try and creep in when i am not even looking though but learning to lean and trust Him more day by day:) Reading your post is a great reminder of the God we serve!!


  2. I am sooo thankful you said yes to God and that God arranged for me to meet you and to put me in a place of being mentored by you to be able to say yes to Him with my whole heart instead of half of my heart! Debbie you have the exact qualifications He needed! A true love for Him and women that so desperately need Him! Love you!


  3. As I listen to that song and saw the faces of some of the prisoners, I could see how that amazing grace of God reaches everywhere. Oh how He loves you and me!! It doesn’t matter what we are going through or will go through His Love will carry us. You are am inspiration my dear sister.


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