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Yes - Week 4 PrayerIn the book What Happens When Women Say Yes To God by Lysa TerKeurst, she shared with us a prayer she prays each morning:

“Dear Lord, may You be the only thing I worship.  I want to be so wrapped up in my relationship with You that I forget about my worries and worldly desires.  Remind me of this today, God.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

This week we were challenged by Melissa Taylor to write our own personal morning #YesToGod prayer. So here is mine based on many of the words that Lysa shared with us in her book, her work book and her DVD!

Dear Lord may I fear You today and keep your commandments, and may all that thrills my soul be You, Jesus.  May I remember today Father that you are working the “his-story” of  my life to make me holy, not happy!  May I remember not to let other’ compliments go to my head and may I never let their criticisms hurt or harden my heart!  Remind me of these things as I go through this new day that you have been so kind to bless me with!   In Your name, amen!


3 thoughts on “#YesToGod”

  1. Thanks Debbie for sharing your morning prayer. I needed to be remained just now that the thing I experienced today God already knew it would happen. Really didn’t feel like a blessing but ended in my perspective changing on the issue. God is great and it is evident He is in your life. Thanks for the example .


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