Out of My Own Substance

This week in our on-line gap Bible Study, we are studying Mary Magdalene who followed Jesus, ministering to Him from her own resources.  Jesus has taught us that whatever we do to even the least, we are doing for Him and His glory.  One of our suggested topics this week was to write about how… Continue reading Out of My Own Substance


He Knows Me By Name

He Knows Me By Name-  There are several Marys in the Bible, but Mary Magdalene was called by name. He knows us by name, too… we are engraved in the palms of His hands… and He loves us each individually. Have you ever thought to yourself that maybe you do not matter or that no one… Continue reading He Knows Me By Name


Redemption (Luke 2:38)

  The same redemption Anna spoke of has been offered freely to each of us.  What does redemption mean to me? To be redeemed is to be forgiven and reconciled to Jesus. According to Webster's Dictionary, the word 'redeem' means "to free from the consequences of sin."  Are you redeemed?  I am.  I was redeemed… Continue reading Redemption (Luke 2:38)