31 Day Challenge to Organization Peace

Blog-PeaceI just found the Nester site and thinking oh my what can I possibly blog about for 31 days so I am choosing 31 days to peace, much of which will be about organizing my home and my mind.

You see I stay busy and I know you do too!  Who has time to blog?  I do not, but I love putting my thoughts down on paper, and I really need to find some time to organize so I will have more time to blog and feel the peace if I can get control over my environment. Maybe that is just a dream but I am going to try.

Who of us would not rather be doing something else besides cleaning?  For me it is blogging, Bible studies, and genealogy.  I could get wrapped up in games but refuse to because I would be hooked.  Once a month for an hour or so on games is enough.

Then there is that clutter.  We all have it.  Much of mine is on my office desk.  Keeping up with mail when you are running to and fro just adds to the accumulation.  Some of us have clutter in our closets although mine are not too bad at the moment because of a remodeling project.  So what is your clutter problem?  Everyone has at least one.

I have way too much stuff and it just keeps accumulating.  We lost our Mom in February and have been cleaning out her house and it seems each time I go, I come home with another treasured memory and that is after I control myself and say no you have enough and you have no more places to put it.

So during this 31 day challenge I hope to stay on topic, find some time each day to write about it, find some time to do it and come November I will be ready to enjoy all the beautiful holidays that I love so much, and not be so stressed as I leave to go substitute teach, as I lead my Bible Study group and as I go help with my precious grandson.

So today I am off to go help my daughter-in-law with my new grandson who was born with a horrible skin disease called EB.  Look it up or you can follow Colt and read all about it at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pray-for-baby-Colt/350863471710362,  It’s a terrible disease and his is not as bad as most but if you see the pictures of his little feet at birth 7 weeks ago you will be shocked!  Notice his feet are wrapped.  They have to be wrapped every day just like a burn victim.

Colt - 1 month

My first day to peace.  I am headed to the kitchen to make some healthy peanut butter banana muffins to help my daughter-in-law tomorrow morning for breakfast and to feed my husband so I can sleep in until 6AM.  I am taking over a frozen chicken spaghetti for their dinner and helping to wrap Colt’s feet, going out to lunch with the two of them and off to the dermatologist for my six-month cancer check.  After that it is more grocery shopping for the things I did not have time to get yesterday as I rushed back home to meet with a repairman.

Blog-31 Day Challenge

Before I leave and after I post this blog, I am cleaning off my countertops of mail and shining them and for the next thirty-one days and thereafter they will stay clean and help me towards my thirty-one days to PEACE!  I am starting one small step at a time and blogging about it so I do not give up and see where I am in 31 days.

So how about you?  Is your house clean?

Day 1: https://mixwilliams.wordpress.com/2013/10/01/31-day-challenge-to-organization-peace/

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Day 7: https://mixwilliams.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/organization-to-peace-day-7/

Day 8: https://mixwilliams.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/organization-to-peace-day-8-shopping-lists-and-menus/

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