31 Days of Blessings and Moments

Blog - John 1.16I’ve written about blessings and moments many times.  I want to share with you the greatest blessing I have received this year, and also the hard times that 2013 has brought to our family. In February on the Sunday prior to Valentine’s Day my mother passed away after many years of illness.  On Valentine’s Evening we were at the funeral home for visitation.  For her services friends had a hard time ordering flowers because you know it was the wrong time of the year.  This is one Valentine’s I will always remember, but the one thing I want to remember is the knowledge that my Mom would be spending Valentine’s Day with my Dad.  My husband reminded me of that as we sit at the nursing home on that Sunday evening crying that how joyous it would be for Mom. On Mother’s Day it would have been my Mom’s 80th birthday. I had already started planning a huge event.  On mother’s day I had a difficult time pulling myself up to go to church but what a wonderful blessing.  I did cry during the music, but that Sunday we had a comedian there.  Oh how God blessed me that morning.  If you would like to hear that message you will laugh and be blessed too. http://www.hillcrestbc.com/podcast/how-to-be-a-successful-psycho/ Our first grandson was due on August 12 and he arrived that very day.  I wonder what that means!  His Dad is always on time, early in fact.  We waited a long time for this little man.  The first grandchild on both sides of the family and, I was proud to know we would be having a boy to carry on the family name because you know I am into genealogy – that’s my hobby after Bible Studies. Sooooo August 12 arrives and Colt is born right on time, but this little man was born with a very serious skin disease called EB.  Can I tell you the pain that comes to watch your grandchild suffer and your children suffer through the pain?  The joy we felt was overcome watching our grandson and son being whisked away in an ambulance to a children’s hospital and then the diagnosis.  He had EB, he had no skin on his feet, this is a gene and neither he nor our children could have another baby.  WHEW!  Tears and pain and fear overshadowing the joy of that beautiful boy. Today I can count blessing after blessing with Colt.  First, we could not hold him or touch him – many EB babies have skin that tears and rips away from being touched. I loved it the first day when he was almost a week old and they finally let us hold him.  Here I am – the happy grandmother.  Cold withMixandI Blessing 2 – he could wear diapers.  Most EB babies cannot. Blessing 3 – He could suck a special bottle even with sores in his mouth. This is his Papa feeding him just this past Sunday afternoon.  Colt and Papa feeding Blessing 4 – He was to be in the hospital for at least 2 months.  He went home in less than 2 weeks. Blessing 5 – The skin began to grow on his feet, the sores on his hands and in his mouth went away. Blessing 6 – Only one new big sore has developed on his tummy. Blessing 7 – His feet are looking good. Blessing 8 – He is already rolling over after 4 weeks.  Can you say your children did that?  My healthy children were 3 months old.  He rolls over anytime we put him on his stomach. Blessing 9 – He is so active and so observant and he smiles already. If you want to watch Colt’s progress.  You can here.  It is amazing and a testimony to what God can and will do if we are faithful and pray.  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pray-for-baby-Colt/350863471710362 So I ask you today what are you grateful for?   Are you finding blessings each day?  Are there moments each day you pause to thank God.  I can always find something to be thankful for, and cannot wait to see what God reveals to me in the next 31 days to be thankful about and share with you.  Will you join me???

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