Day 2 of 31 – Blessings and Moments

blog-heart precious memoriesThis is only Day 2 and what to write about.  Not that I can not come up with so many blessings and beautiful moments in my life.   They are there every day and yes so is pain, so are trials for each of us – but God is ALWAYS, ALWAYS giving us things to be thankful about if we stop and look past the hurts.

I believe that today as I look back on my childhood I am thankful for parents that taught me honor for my country, a love for the flag, respect, love for each other, Jesus, how to cook, how to drive, saving for a rainy day and on and on.  Now that I am older I realize they did not mean saving for a rainy day, but rather for a broken appliance, broken air conditioner, car repairs, etc..  My parents taught us a whole lot, and many of us choose to look on those few bad things rather than all the joyful things, the character traits they taught and the love they showed in their various ways.

Today I am meeting my sisters and my aunt at Mom’s to hopefully be closer to one of the last days at Mom and Dad’s.  It is getting close to time to sell it, time to move on, but not time to forget those moments and blessings.  Each time we go it is bittersweet as we ooh and ahhh over all the things Mom liked to collect and as we remember what those little trinkets meant to Mom.  Many, many memories and this day is to be filled with them.

Yesterday I thought about my Mom and Dad a lot as i got up first thing and read a beautiful devotional from a Bible study friend, Wendy Blight.  It was about legacies.  I hope you will stop by and read it and be blessed.  It brought back a lot of memories first about my grandparents but as they day wore on and I spent time with my grandson and daughter-in-law the moments continued to come to mind as I remembered that devotion on what legacy we leave.  What legacy am I leaving my children, my grandchild and even my friends and other family members?  I hope it is one like Wendy talked about.  Here is the link if you would like to hop over there and be blessed today.  Be sure to scroll down to October 1 if it is not at the top.  It is called “What Will Be Your Legacy”.   http://wendyblight.com/

One of the things Wendy talked about was her grandmother’s Bibles.  One of my grandmothers left me hers.  She wrote in each one of them that they were to go to me, she even put only that one thing in her will, but to this day thirty-four years later I do not know where they are, but God does.   He knows the hurts felt from not receiving that precious gift.  I hold on to the love and legacy she left in my heart and the fact that  she chose for me to receive those Bibles.  I remember that moment, I remember that love, I remember that day watching her write in each Bible that she wanted it to go to be on her death.  Granny I will never forget your faith!  I will never forget your love!  I will never forget going to church with you!  I will never forget that gift!

So do you have a legacy today?  Do you have a precious memory to share?  I would love to hear it!  Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Day 2 of 31 – Blessings and Moments”

  1. debbie, i had a wonderful example of how to be a grandmother in my own grandmother. if i am even a little bit like she was, my grandchildren will be blessed! i stop to think what she would do or say in certain situations. amazing to think we are what we were taught by people who have been gone so long.


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