Day – 2 Organization to Peace

This is Day 2 and again I have to be gone most of the day but what I am doing today will eventually bring more peace at home.  Today I am meeting my sisters at my Mom’s house to finish as much of packing up her house as we can.  She liked to collect “stuff” – stuffed bears, stuffed rabbits, baskets, quilts,tea cups, enamel wear and the list goes on.  It has taken us months since her death in February to get to where we are today.  We have had several sales but it still looks like a house full of “stuff”, Mom’s treasures.

As soon as I finish blogging it is off to my organization task here at the house continuing on to my 31 days of peace to better be able to enjoy the holidays and just life in general when I am home so that when I am here all I am doing are the basics – cleaning house, ironing, washing, etc..

Yesterday I finished the countertops.  WOOHOO!  Just one small step a day for 31 days.  Here are pictures of clean, polished countertops.                                                                                                                                     blog-organization-countertops blog-organization - canisters

I know some of you do not like canisters on your countertops, but I do and it is so much easier for me when I am cooking to have them handy!

I am working on my office desk.  I would post a before and after picture but I do not dare.   There is a basket full of filing that goes back several months.  The bills come, almost daily, because I have two households – Mom’s and mine.  Again what we are doing today will get me closer to selling her house so there are not those bills, and that will be less filing and less clutter.  There will also be those days I or my husband drive up there to mow – a 1.5 hour trip just to mow.  Much more time to focus at home on our home.

As I continue through this 31 day journey I hope to read all the organization tips on Nester from various bloggers and get tips and share tips hoping to help others along the way.  I hope to come up with a routine that WORKS and will keep me organized. I know I feel better the cleaner my house is, the tidier it is and the more organized it is.

All of us feel rushed, stressed, tense, panicked, tired, overwhelmed and wondering how we will get through the week or sometimes just this day.  We do not have to feel that way.  How do we stop those feelings and begin to find peace and a calm in our homes even with a calendar that is bulging with appointments, meetings, sports and church activities and so on and so on?  I hope to find all that out in the coming days?

Here are my first tips for today.  Start small, start somewhere, set a timer to keep focused.  I will set mine for an hour today.  I have in the past set it for 15 minutes and do get much done, but today my time is short and with a couple of loads of clothes and my blog, I do not have a lot of time to finish the desk and I doubt one day will do it but if I can get that file basket empty and the top clean that will be a great small step to organization.  Start small and use a timer to stay focused.  Find a spot, set a timer and GO!  Here’s my timer.  blog-organization-timer

Thanks for stopping by!   Do you have some organization tips?  Please share below.  I would love to hear them.

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4 thoughts on “Day – 2 Organization to Peace”

  1. I get most of my bills online at my “bill page” bank page. I’ve managed to eliminate most paper bills. When I get the mail, I go through it at the trash/recycle spot. I am often left with nothing!

    I send cards for holidays and birthdays to my under 21 years old nieces, nephews and godchildren. I prepare these cards once a month and usually mail them all at once.

    My kitchen is a mess. My desk looks like an earthquake hit. I’m inspired by your progress!!! It is cold today and I had to dig out my winter clothes. I need to spend a day cleaning and sorting out summer/winter wear!

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Nancy I so want to pay online but my husband is totally computer illiterate so if something happened to me he would be up a creek so I don’t do it. I am thinking about calling the utilities and some other places and see if they can just take it out of the bank each month.

      Great ideas on the cards for birthdays and holidays. I need to do that also with my Bible study group. I am a leader so I need to do that because I forget them. I have a binder I can do that in by month so you have inspired me.

      We can do this together.


  2. I think you speak for a lot of America. Either dealing with clutter or the clutter of a loved one. My mother is in her 80’s and hardly ever gets rid of anything. She’s too old to deal with it now. I think it depends on how you grew up. Best wishes from a constant de-clutterer and re-assessor. I don’t think I’ll every get done.


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