Day 3 of 31- Blessings and Moments

blog-make the moments matterMoments.   I love to seize them and there are so many if we just stop, pause and look and feel.  I have been blessed with moment after moment during the hot Texas months of August and September.  Fall has arrived but I could not tell it this October day.  It was 91 and humid today.  I mowed and sweated and came in and showered.

At the top of my list of blessings and beautiful moments is my first grandbaby born on August 12, a boy named Colt.  He is precious.  He was born with a horrible skin disease called EB which caused his feet to have no skin, but we have been blessed with healing from our precious Savior.  His feet are looking so good and he is beautiful.  How often do we take birth for granted?  How often do we forget what a blessing it is to have a healthy baby?

Because of Colt’s disease, God has used it to show us how precious those birth moments are.  We watched him taken from his Mom and Dad within an hour and transported to a children’s hospital.  During Colt’s first week of life we could not hold him because his skin might tear.  Now he is doing fine and guess what my favorite moment is – any moment with Colt.  I love holding him, I love hearing him coo, I love his smile, and I love rocking him and feeding him and even changing his diaper.  Today was the first day he wet on me, but I did not care.  No, he can wet on Nanna any time he gets ready!!! Colt-Sep 30.

I am enjoying moments with my daughter-in-law watching her work from home, watching her be an awesome mom to my grandson, and trying to help where I can making a bed, vacumning the house and taking meals.  Tonight I took yummy chicken pot pies.  Here is a picture of one.         pot pie  I made them and put them in the oven and later as I was holding Colt, I enjoyed the moment she walked in the den with excitement to show me how good the pies looked and how pretty they were.

Today I enjoyed my time with Colt and his mom.  That was my greatest moment today.  How about you?  Did you take time to experience a beautiful moment today?  Did you miss some moments even though they were right there in front of you?

I love moments in the yard.  I love mowing – go figure.  Some days it takes over four hours but I need the exercise.  We had mowed two nights so all I had to do today was around the pool, but I enjoyed being outside.  I thank God for the moments and thank Him that I am able to get out of the house.  I talked to a dear friend on Tuesday that is home bound, has house cleaners, friends come to take her to church and her daughter runs errands on Saturday.  What she would give to have back a moment in the yard mowing!

My yard needs some serious weed pulling and pruning and lots of work, so I am waiting for some cooler days which they say are coming this weekend, but not to cool I hope.  I do not like the cold and will take these hot Texas summers over snow and ice.  I can not wait for some moments in the yard with the weeds to see how pretty the flower beds look after I am finished.  A beautiful moment I savor looking at flower beds.

This weekend I enjoyed moments with family and friends.  On Saturday my husband and I joined his mom for her 82nd birthday and his sisters and great niece and great nephew for lunch, and then on Sunday we had friends in town from Houston and met them for lunch and later strolled and shopped in a quaint little village.  Moments and memories and fun.

On Tuesday as I drove to the doctor 45 min away I thought of a friend I used to work with, the one I mentioned that can not get out of her house.  So while I drove up there I called her and spent that time driving and talking to her.  Precious friends, precious moments, precious memories.  Have you called a friend lately you haven’t talked to in a while?

And then there were many teachable moments in September.  I substitute teach at a jr. high.  Most often you will find me with special needs children.  So, so many precious teachable moments.  I savor them and feel so much joy each time I see one of them learn something new.  Another teachable moment, a young man came up to me on the track (I was subbing boys PE) and he said Mrs.  Williams did you ever do drugs?  I said no way.  I did smoke a cigarette once and did not like it.  Later that afternoon another came up and said Mrs. Williams what is your favorite book?  My response – The Bible.  Thank you Jesus for teachable moments.

Several years ago I read something that really caused me to pause and think.  It said “Make the Moments Matter”.  I put that on my refrigerator and I began to enjoy all the times I visited my Mom in the nursing home after she lost a leg.  I wanted those moments to matter.  I knew one day they would be over.  But today after losing Mom in February I am so thankful that I made the moments matter.

So how about you.  Have you made any moments or memories lately??  If so, please share.  If not, why not?  Do not let October without making the moments matter!


2 thoughts on “Day 3 of 31- Blessings and Moments”

  1. What a beautiful blog. I definitely had my moments to treasure. I do not have any grandchildren but God has blessed me with young moms at church. Tonight we had a Celebrate Recovery Leadership meeting and I got to hold, Eastan, my friends 2 week old baby. I thank God that he has blessed me with a special gift–children don’t cry when I hold them–if they are fussy or crying, when I get to hold them they settle down. Eastan slept in my arms and made funny faces at me the entire time. 🙂 It’s God’s peace that is in me that they sense I’m sure-it definitely is not me. If that wasn’t enough, his big brother, Elijah, who is 20 months old looked right at me and said “Nana” for the first time and when he saw how happy it made me, he kept saying it. When I got home, I called my friend who is going through a difficult time to let her know I was praying for her and her family. We need to cherish these moments and I love how beautifully you reminded me with this blog 🙂


    1. Thank you Nancy. I was the nursery director at our church for over 15 years and loved being with all the babies before I had them. What a sweet thing with Elijah calling you Nana. Surely the others will start also.


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