Day 4 – Organization to Peace

Blog - Ps 2911Today I never got back to my desk.  I had the day off from subbing and we are still trying to clean out my parent’s house so my Aunt and I went there for the day sweating and packing and loading and unloading getting ready for a garage sale and to hopefully one day have it cleaned out so it can be sold.

So that was the only organization I got done today.  I wanted to be home so I could organize and blog and even get some Fall decorating done.  Hoping tomorrow will be a better day to finish at least the desk and start some decorating.  And I hope to read a bunch of blogs on the 2013 nester site.

Happy Friday y’all!

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Day 4:  https://mixwilliams.wordpress.com/2013/10/05/day-4-organization-to-peace/


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