Day 5 – Blessings and Moments

PicMonkey SampleHappy Fall Y’all.  I love Fall.   Yes it has been Fall for a week.  I blogged about it this morning and I have spent my day trying to get some cleaning done and decorations up.  I am not a great decorator, but I enjoy looking at all the Fall stuff around my kitchen and den.  I love decorating for Fall almost as much as I do Christmas.

A little cold snap for us blew in about an hour ago.  I had a couple of windows open, but trust me they are down now. It is misting rain and the wind is blowing.  Tonight it is supposed to be down in the 50s.  I know some of you are laughing, but for us Texans that is cold after these 100 plus degree days.

So today as always I am counting my blessings.  Blessed the hot and humid days of 2013 are over and blessed that I am still able to clean.  I thank God each morning that I can get up and savor life. Blessed it is the weekend and thankfully no call today to sub at school.  Yep I love subbing, but lately with all that is happening in life with our grandbaby and trying to take care of Mom’s house – well you know it is nice to have a day at home.

I love my moments at home.  I know some people who get stir crazy, but I don’t.  I can always find something to entertain me – a movie, a game on the computer, blogging, writing, reading, genealogy……………Yes I love home and thankful that God blessed us with a home that we can enjoy and relax in.

So how about you?  What are some things you are feel blessed about today?

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