Day 5 – Organization to Peace

FINALLY, the desk is clean.  What do you think?


I moved Dad’s radio to another spot in my den.  I got rid of lots of stuff off the desk top.  Now I can work on it.  Here are before and after pictures:Once the desk was cleaned I sit down and typed out these tips to keep me on track:

#1 Deal with the mail EVERY day.  When i don’t have time to do that it goes in that folder marked “Daily Mail”.  I know sometimes it is hard to deal with the mail when we are rushing and some days barely home except to eat and sleep.  And I know from experience there are weeks when the mail stacks up so stack it up in that Daily mail folder so it is not on top of the desk or kitchen counter top.

#2 Open the mail and do something with it.  File, toss, shred or pay.  Yes file it, or put it in the too file folder, pay it, or shred it.  I am good about sorting it and taking it immediately to shred.

#3  Use that pretty calendar.  When I receive wedding invitations, birthday invitations, birth announcements write the date and time in it.  Add a reminder to buy a gift before the date.  As teachers call me to sub, write it in the calendar.  When I receive my monthly schedule for my on-line Bible study add all those milestones.  Add all birthdays I want to remember.  Add addresses and phone numbers for the events and throw away the invitations or file the invitations in your invitation folder.

#4 Go through your files once a week to weed out old papers and make sure I have not missed anything.

#5 Declutter my desk every couple of months – throw away those things I do not use and evalutate what is actually necessary in my space.

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