Blessings and Moments – Day 6


It is Sunday and how I love this day of the week.  First of all it is a little lazy, especially as the weather starts cooling off.  I love getting up and lazily enjoying breakfast, an extra cup of coffee and heading to church. Trust me it was not always that way.  When the kids were home we were rushing, and back then we drove 45 minutes to get to church and some Sundays was not lazy nor peaceful.  But it was worth it.  It was worth watching our kids grow up and see the love they have for the Lord now.

Church is one of my biggest blessings.  We take it for granted until something earth-shaking happens like 9/11. Many don’t need church until a castrophe strikes.  Many today think that the church is fading.  The church will never fade.  We may, but the church will not.  Christ is the Church!

Our music is awesome, our sermon is awesome and our teachers are awesome.  I love this church.

So today I am turning this most treasured blessing into a blog.  My life would not be what it is if it were not for my church and my on-line Bible studies.  I can not even imagine a life without church, and when I think about it – it scares me.  Where would I be, what kind of person would I be, without God?  Even with God I am not the woman I should be some days.  Here are some reasons I love my church.

  • I love my church because I look forward to going EVERY Sunday.
  • I love that each service is different, and I never know what to expect.
  • I love that it is never, ever dull.
  • It is a place where you are loved.
  • A place where Jesus’ presence is always felt in music and teaching.
  • God is at work in every service.
  • A place where anyone can use the gifts God has given them.
  • A place where grace is given.
  • A place where strangers are welcomed.
  • A place where you are missed.  I can always expect a phone call or email when we are away.  This is a church of over 900 in attendance.
  • It is the body of Christ.
  • I love there are several services with different types of music to minister to all types of needs.
  • A place where I can serve and love others.
  • I can express my love for God.
  • I can fellowship with other Christians.
  • I can hear how other Christians have suffered and lived out their faith.
  • It is a break from the worries of this world – work, home, etc. and a time to concentrate on the Lord.
  • It is an alternative to those negative messages from a nation that seems to be turning away from God.
  • I am blessed to be allowed to honor the Lord’s Day.  Ex. 20:8 – Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.

Our church is very mission oriented with missions both here in the U.S and abroad.  It is amazing all the missions we support  Today we were blessed with a testimony from the Gideons – a beautiful buddhist young lady who was saved after receiving a small new testament at her college.

Do you sometimes think you are too tired to go to church?  Why should you go?  Because someone may be there that just needs to hear from you.  As I sit there today and listened to a short testimony of a young college girl whose mother refuses to see her now because she is a Christian, my heart ached.  I could never do that to a child and that is only because of love of Christ.  Because she is a christian, she has been forsaken by her mother, but not her Lord.  I had to reach out to her after church to tell her I am praying for her and to also tell her that my Compassion Child is also from Shri Lanka where she is from.  And their names are the same except one is spelled with a C and one with a S.  How special is that?  I think God put me there today to bless her life and I think He put me there today to bless my life as I pray for two families now from that country.

Christ loved the church so much that He gave His life for it!  Do you love the church?  Do you love your church?

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