Happy Fall Y’all – Day 4

It was a cool, crisp morning going to Church.  One of the things I love about Fall.  Having a bowl of old-fashioned oatmeal with raisins and my pumpkin spice coffee.

After church we enjoyed a plate of nachos and chicken quesadillas.  It can’t get much better than that on a cool day except that rare occasion one hour nap I took afterwards.

We ended up getting outside and pulling weeds.  Ended up with three barrels full from our big circular driveway. The rain the last two weekends has greened everything up including the weeds poking out, but it looks better now.

I have spent the afternoon getting ready for my on-line Bible study which begins next Sunday, but the ladies will be loaded in groups on Friday so I have a video to make which I am not doing today because I am not dressed for it – wind-blown and nasty from weed pulling.  Been working on my photos with scriptures and fun pictures with things we will be doing like Mingle Monday, Testimony Tuesday, Worship Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, Friday Feast.

Now Friday Feast is a new one for us this study.  We want some time for the girls to relax in the groups from all the study, testimony, etc., and since it is the holidays what a great way to share recipes on Fridays and do something really different.

I am enjoying being able to use all sorts of Fall pictures.  Here’s a few I am using in our study.

OBS - Friday Feast OBS - Thankful Thursday

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