Blessings and Moments – Day 7

Today as I wrote a little about organization and looked at my laundry basket running over, I thought about my “cup runneth over”.  You know that verse in Psalm 23:5.  I just feel so blessed each day of all that God has given me.  There are so many blessings and so many moments that if He took me home today, my life would be complete although I would like to see my grandson who was born in August this year grow up a bit.  What a joy he is!

I went upstairs to take a picture of one of Mom’s cups.  She gave me all her little tea cups many years ago.  I brought them home and thought really I already have too many collections.  But these little cups bring me joy each time I go upstairs and see them.

Three years ago this Christmas I packed up all the little teacups and took them up to the nursing home to surprise Mom after Christmas lunch.  Our family took lunch to her because she was not physically able to get out.  What precious memories now thinking about her surprise and how overwhelmed she was!  How much fun it was decorating as I challenged my sisters to each decorate some tables.  And then I forgot to take pictures of all the beautiful tables.Mom's teacups


Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!

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