Organization to Peace – Day 6

blog - psalm 235This certainly was not the right time to start a blog on organization when I have little time at home right now. Honestly, I have realized that any woman whether she be a stay-at-home, working or retired woman, never gets it all done. There is so much to do.  I wish I could remember anytime in my life when every room was clean and organized.  So this is an attempt to at least get organized so that perhaps the house is easier to clean while not focusing on organizing, and when all of life’s interruptions are bound to happen, I can focus on what is important in life and it is many times those unexpected things that come out of nowhere.

This week is a busy one, but they all seem that way anymore.  My husband and I were discussing the busyness while eating lunch this weekend.  Here is just a portion of what is on my calendar this week.  An eye appointment, meeting him at a dental appointment, one day at Mom’s to clean out more stuff to dispose of, three days at my Aunt’s for a garage sale at her house to clear some of my clutter,  and one day sitting it up.  I am supposed to go to help with my grandson two days and In between my hair is in dire need of color for our grandson’s dedication service next Sunday and our daughter will be here that Wed for a week and we have a wedding next week for some close friends, so when do I organize and clean????  And, I haven’t found any time I can get a hair appointment scheduled.   There is a card that says it is time for a mammogram, and I can’t even find the time to schedule that in, but I will.  To top it all off, we FINALLY got some rain this weekend and last and now we have much mowing to do here and at Mom’s so that may have to wait until next weekend.

I am going to try a bit at a time and share pictures of some of it, but the nitty-gritty isn’t going to happen this week and my on-line Bible study starts back next Sunday and I am a group leader.  In between all of the to-do stuff this week, I have had to stop to load all my documents in my group and I NEED to make a video to post welcoming the girls.  WOOHOO, I can’t wait, but wish it were another week so that so much was not crammed into this one.

One thing I know is that through it all, God just expects me to do my best and continue to do the things that are most important and right now I know that is helping to nurture my grandson and my family – going over there to help with dressings of his feet (he was born in Aug with a rare skin disease), helping my mother in law next door, and working to empty my Mom’s house so we can sell it.  He will give me the grace as I give it my best and as I attempt to prioritize what is really important in life.

My next project is my laundry room and although that is not where I need to go right now, that is where I am going today for whatever time I can find.  I can’t believe it will be that hard and I did get some clothes hung up that were there to dry yesterday.

Here is my laundry basket this morning.  DSC02451  Need I say when I am home I am doing laundry, but it seems it is never done.  Can you associate with that?  As I took this picture a few moments ago, I said to myself “my laundry runneth over” and right that moment I thought my cup runneth over.  That verse from Psalm 23:5 means we have more than enough for our needs.  Does your cup runneth over?

So I am starting in the corner like they say and working my way around.  Carrying all the clothes that are hanging in there now to the closets or drawers where they belong.  Adding some pretty new storage crates I bought for my bookcase in there that holds light bulbs, wrapping paper, extension cords, etc..

Hopefully I will have pictures to post tomorrow.    I am signing off here and spending a little time in the laundry room!

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