Blessings and Moments – Day 8 – A Grandson

Two days a week I am blessed to get to go to help my daughter-in-law with my new grandson.  This is that precious little boy.  colt 7 weeksHe will be two months old this weekend.  You see her mom and I are going over because she works from home and because Colt requires a little more attention because he was born with a serious skin disease with no skin on his feet and sores on his hands and in his mouth.  He requires a special bottle to feed and his feet have to be wrapped every day and that takes two people.That  disease is EB but Colt is doing so much better than most EB babies.  God has answered so many prayers the last eight weeks.

I love these days with this precious baby and his mom and just spending time, taking walks in this nice Fall weather and just being together.

Being with a grandchild brings back so many memories and so many reminders of how precious life is and how fast it goes.  If only we could just realize that when we were younger and busy – too busy sometimes to just relax and rock a bit more, hug a bit more, and savor each precious moment – not knowing it is all over in a flash.

We are reminded with a grandchild  what it was like with a newborn, but these times are so different.  We are more relaxed and slowed down and we remember how fast the time went, we remember the moments we missed, We remember – we remember the moments – we remember the sweetness – we REMEMBER!  So precious!

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