Organization to Peace – Day 7

DSC02471  Laundry Room – mission accomplished and it didn’t take very long.  Every single piece of clothing is hung or in drawers.  I ironed, I folded, I hung and I tossed out this stack of unmatched socks.  All the washing is caught up so there are no matches for the socks.  Do you know where socks go?  It is a mystery to me.  Honestly, I washed a load of clothes this morning.  I counted 10 socks, but only 9 socks came out of that washer.  WHAT!  Where is that 10th sock? Can anyone answer that question?

I added two shelves of some pretty baskets I bought at Target (need a couple of more).  They contain light bulbs, bow, wrapping paper, extension cords, etc..  What do you think?DSC02472DSC02473

The washer and dryer are clean and I added a pumpkin for Fall – so that maybe, just maybe socks won’t be left on top, and from now on once the wash is totally done – all leftover socks go in the trash.  I will count before I put them in and whoever comes out without a “sole” mate will be tossed.

Laundry room is done, and my next mission is to clean and pretty up my den bookcases.


2 thoughts on “Organization to Peace – Day 7”

  1. For years, I’ve matched socks on New Years Eve. Those that don’t match are eliminated from my world. I wondered what happened to the missing socks. I’ve heard several thoughts…. time warp….hungry dryer….black hole….. I don’t know, but it is one of those great burning questions!

    Congrats on getting that done! I’m being inspired by you and am listing out my own project list! Keep up the good work. Pulling for order!


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