Blog--Been there, doe thatI have been through six studies now with Melissa Taylor and Proverbs 31 Ministries.  I believe my favorite moment was when I became a group leader during the study of Unglued and I was waiting on my first group of ladies to arrive.  It was exciting and scary and to this day I think that is my favorite moment of the study – waiting to see who is new and waiting to see all my OBS sisters returning and knowing how every one of us is going to GROW through this new study in this place where God has joined us together.

It is in the returning that we grow.  It is in the returning that we show our faithfulness to God.  It is in the returning that we fall more in love with Him.  Through every study I have grown and grown and grown.   I find myself each day as I open my study book and my Bible that I fall more in love with my Jesus and that I want to be more like Him.

So yes my favorite moment is today.  My favorite moment is going to be any minute, any hour but sometime today.  I cannot wait to see that first woman pop in and introduce herself to each one and then on Sunday when the study begins.

FINALLY, it’s been only a few weeks, but it seems like years since our group was together.  Tonight it will happen and I am so excited just almost as much as Christmas.  My husband shares that excitement with me as I start saying I have a peep and another and then another.  It’s AWESOME, it’s a wonderful, wonderful moment.  I’ve been there, done that, and loved it over and over now for six studies.

Would love to have you join us here.  http://proverbs31.org/online-bible-studies/current-study/


5 thoughts on “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, LOVED IT!”

  1. Eight studies ago, I joined Melissa Taylor and Proverbs 31 Ministries and my first Bible study was “A Confident Heart.” Just like you, with each study I continue to grow in my walk with God. I have grown so much since I first did ACH and I’m excited to see what else God has to show me. I would have to say that the “Greater” OBS made a big difference in my life, because I started to dream again. 🙂


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