Blessings and Moments – Day 10 – Colt’s Dedication

Today has been spectacular for me in more ways than one!

First, we went to a baby dedication service for our only grandchild.  He was born on August 12 with a rare skin disease called EB with no skin on his feet.  You can see his progress here.   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pray-for-baby-Colt/350863471710362.   He is growing skin.  He still gets sores in his mouth and one on his stomach but is doing very well – much better than most EB babies.

I watched my husband pull out a hanky and tears poured down his face and mine too as we listened to our children up there telling Colt’s story and praying for him.  We listened as our daughter-in-law talked about how the doctor’s said 9 weeks ago that Colt’s life would be filled with immense suffering.  Today Colt appears to be beating the odds, and his progress is miraculous.  And then our son prayed the most beautiful prayer,  and ended that prayer asking God to make him as good of a Dad to Colt as his dad has been.  Colt's Dedication - 10-13-13

After church we joined all our daughter-in-laws family and friends and ate at their home with lots of food and the tastiest brisket that our son made.


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