Happy Fall Y’all – Day 9 – Favorite Fall Candy

DSC02515Today I am varying off of soup recipes for a bit because everyone has been talking about fall candy in my on-line Bible studies.  Really it was an icebreaker question.  I did not know there were so many choices, but my all-time favorite is this one:

Now I know my favorite candy is usually chocolate of some kind – snickers, milky way, etc., but during the Fall I pick up this candy corn and I am known to walk in the kitchen and add a little protein.  I take about a half handful of peanuts and a half handful of candy corn.  DSC02517

That is the greatest recipe. I love and it tastes just like a pay day.

Well why not?  I just added peanuts to the candy bowl so it is already mixed up.  Wonder what my husband will say.DSC02518

And they keep coming out with new stuff.  Last week I bought these.  Now I’ll have candy corn and chocolate.DSC02516

So how about you?  What’s your favorite Fall candy?

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