Organization to Peace – Day 8 – Shopping Lists and Menus

Wow it is so hard to get organized when life gets in the way.  Do you find that?  You make a little progress and then it seems something happens to take you away from home for days and you come back and the mail is piled high again, the washing and ironing are running over again and you think how will I ever get it under control.  And then what is for dinner????  If only, I could STAY in the habit of making menus.  I am thinking today maybe if I get to stay home I will make a menu for the month.  That would help the schedule just knowing what I am going to cook in ADVANCE and make a shopping list.  So I am looking for lists today while I am home and will post one here in a moment I hope.

I just found a beautiful shopping list on this site.  Head over there and you can print it out free and yes I printed out copies for the rest of this year.  LOVE! Here is just a glimpse of what it looks like.                                                               Shopping List

Now if you love it like I do (blue is my favorite color) head over here and print it off free.  http://makeyourlifeorganized.blogspot.com/2012/08/free-shopping-list.html.

Now for a Menu Planner.  I found one here http://sunflowerschoolhouse.com/2012/an-easy-menu-planner/.  I only picked up the headers for copyright purposes please go to these sites.  Loved this out of all I saw today until I can create my very own.

blog-meal planner

And here is one more I liked from http://imperfectlypolished.com/2012/01/20/meal-and-budget-planning-printables/


2 thoughts on “Organization to Peace – Day 8 – Shopping Lists and Menus”

  1. Thanks this motivates me to going back to meal planning. I think it actually saves a lot of time and expense. Don’t know why I get off track but this should help!


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