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David’s love for God was an unfailing love.  David’s love was faithful.   David ran from God, but we find later that He returns to God because of that deep thirst that God has placed in us.   David wrote many of the beautiful Psalms in the Book of Psalms including the awesome verse we have memorized this week.  It is in the Psalms we see David pouring out his heart and soul and it is here that we find our own souls searching to find what David had found.

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As we are studying A Confident Heart by Renee Swope,  I have stopped to ask myself what gives me confidence in my Lord, and how can I be more like David.  How can I have a confident heart in Him?  How many times have I run from Him when He was there to shelter me?

Do you have a confident heart, do you believe His love is unfailing? Do you believe His love is #priceless?  Oh my how God has spoken to my lazy heart this week as all the things I have had head knowledge about are finally moving to my heart.  I just want to stop and dwell and savor in this chapter for another week.  No, I don’t want to move to the next week, but I will, and I can only imagine the nuggets that my Savior has in store for me in the weeks ahead.

confident heart - blog - week 2

Until this week I really did not appreciate David in the Bible.  Yes he was there, he was slinging that stone at the giant, he committed adultery, he was a liar, he was a murderer, he ran from God, and he was a man after God’s own heart.  This week even though we did not dwell on David personally too much but rather that beautiful verse Ps 36:7 that he wrote, I began to think about what he had done, and this morning I woke up thinking about him and “Sam” the Samaritan woman, and the great I AM we have been studying.  I thought about what they had become and who I am and what I am NOT, and what I want to become.  I lay there in my bed saying “SAM”, “I AM”!  I know Sam, I am is in a kid’s story about green eggs and ham, but today it was my heart story about my Savior, the I AM!

On Page 51 it says,  “The thought of God valuing me so much that His love would never fail – even if I failed Him – was inconceivable, yet something deep in my soul told me it was true.” and “You’ve been trying to earn your value in everything you’ve done.  But you will never find the love you long for in anyone or anything but Me.  I AM the unconditional love you are looking for.”

I AM, He is, the ONLY unconditional love there is in this world.

Before I finish I just have to talk about “Sam” and I AM a bit.  Have you ever felt like “Sam”?  No matter what she did or tried she was unable to please.  One thing I learned through Sam is that I would much rather have the unfailing love of Jesus than the approval of others.

But , the biggest thing I think we need to take from “Sam” is that no person or thing can fill our longing for the Savior.  Are you like me in that I have been in a place expecting my husband to fill those needs or my children or my bosses or my friends?  We look for others affirmations and , and when they don’t come as we planned, we are disappointed.  The only affirmation or validation we should be looking for is God’s, and everything else will fall into place.  There is not a single person or thing that can fill our longing, and yearning that only He can fill.  He gave us that yearning, that heart like David’s that was seeking Him.

Page 55:  “Jesus helped Sam see that no person or position, such as being someone’s wife, could fill the empty places in her heart. Just like He has done with me and just like He wants to do with you, He showed Same what she was looking for and where she could find it.  Sam was looking for love that wouldn’t fail, even when she did, and that day she found it in Christ.”

Pg 60 –   “The wells of our hearts were created to be filled by God alone.  The deepest thirst of our soul can only be quenched by Him.”

Blog - Confident Heart - Wk 2 = Quench

Pg 62 – “We were made for love that isn’t measured by our last accomplishment…”

blog - confident heart week 2

The last of Ps. 36:7 touches my heart every time I read it.  “People take reguge in the shadow of your wings.”  Can you see Him covering us with the shadow of His wings when we are having those shadows of doubts?  I can and I have felt it over and over this year of tragedies – 2013.    I have come to a realization this year that it is a step at a time, moment by moment, day in and day out with our Jesus.  I have come to the realization that I, Debbie can be safe in Him in tragic times, when I am in the valley, when my life seems to be falling apart, when my children are hurting, when I lose my parents, when I lose a dear friend to a horrible disease, and when life just wrenches our souls.  MOMENT by MOMENT consciously looking to Him!
Blog - Psalm 36.7

One of my aha moments was the week with that no-fail tins.  I hope you read about it herehttp://proverbs31.org/online-bible-studies/2013/10/23/when-then/ .  I added more today to that beautiful jar.  I want to have it available and ready!


Lastly, we were asked to write our own psalm of praise this week.  I haven’t done that yet. God did not lead me to do that, but He did lead me to this song this morning that I had never heard before, and it has blessed my heart.  This is my song today.   I hope you will listen. How priceless, how precious is His unfailing love!!!!!!!!!!!



3 thoughts on “UNFAILING LOVE – MY SONG!”

  1. Debbie as I was reading your blog, these words came to mind( I think it is part of a chorus but this is all I remember right now) I can visualize Jesus saying this to us.” Come to the water, stand by my side , I know you are thirsty, you won’t be denied.” Priceless and perfect love as God shelters us in the depth of the shadow of His wings. Thank you for sharing and touching my heart. Blessings
    Marilyn (OBS Group Leader)


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