Moving Forward

This week we have talked about moving forward in Renee Swope’s book, A Confident Heart. We are in chapter 4, and it is about how God promises HOPE  despite the pain of our past.

For several weeks our chapters have talked about “Sam” the Samaritan woman.  I never knew so much about Sam until recently.  She had been divorced by five men and lived with one and yet Jesus saw beyond her sin.  He loved Sam just where she was with the weight of all her pain, and he made a special trip to meet her at the well.  She was scared one moment to go and draw water when other women were there, and the next moment after meeting her Savior she was running back to town telling the very people she had been running and hiding from about Him.

Jesus came to Sam.  He comes to us asking us to take our broken pieces and let him change them from broken to whole, to something beautiful.  Sam  allowed God to rewrite her story once she let go of those ugly, broken pieces.

One of the verses we studied this week was blog - jer 29.11

God has a plan for us and they are plans to give us HOPE.  Hope is defined as “something that is possible or likely,”  We cannot go back and fix or change the people or things that wounded us, that changed our lives up until now, but we TODAY we can “process the pain with Jesus”.  We can allow Him to heal our hearts, to heal those broken pieces.

This song says it all.  “Give him your wounds and your bruised and broken pieces.  He know how to make your pieces fit.”   I love it and was just introduced to it this week.  Enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Moving Forward”

  1. I love the story about Sam too! It gives me a totally different perspective, and hope that one day, I too will have that same confidence with people that I have been judged by in the past. So very happy you are doing the study too! Have a blessed weekend.


  2. What comfort that He alone can take our broken pieces and make them whole for His Glory! I so appreciated your perspective here.

    🙂 Missy Pettigrew (OBS Small Group Leader & Prayer Team)


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