5-Minute Friday – Trees

It is 5-minute Friday over at lisajobaker.com  (a site I just found looking for organizing ideas).  The word today is Trees, and I could not resist since we have been studying about “oaks of righteousness” at Proverbs31.Org.

Trees invoke many memories to me.  I was born in East Texas some years ago, and we did not have, or were just beginning to get televisions when I was five years old.  But we were not into television.  In the summer we were in to playing with our family and friends outdoors in the sand and trees.  REALLY!  Those were relaxing days in the tress with my cousins and neighbors and our Moms calling us in for dinner.

As I have grown older trees continue to help me build memories, and precious ones they are.

It is Fall and our trees are beginning to change colors.  I have not taken pictures yet this year, waiting for some more cooler days here in Texas, but here are some from several years back.

116 .

And then the snow comes (occasionally here in Texas) and we get this memory:


I enjoy looking out my kitchen window in the summer at the hummingbirds, red birds, doves, blue birds and the list goes on and on.  This picture was last Christmas.  I go from hummingbird feeders to all bird feeders as the temps get colder.  In this picture  a hummingbird feeder was still out (we were remodeling and didn’t get them put up last year) and to the right is a bird feeder (one of several my husband bought me when I retired).  That was a sweet precious gift I never expected and he hung them where I could watch the birds from different areas in the house – the kitchen, out a den door, etc..  Love my man!


This year we lost my Mom in February.  She always loved our peaches and some of them were starting to look bad and not producing much fruit soooo in March in honor of Mom we went shopping for a couple of new peach trees and while we were there I said why don’t we also buy an oak in honor of our Dads.  Here is my husband planting those memories along with one my son and daughter-in-law gave me for mother’s day:

DSC01598 DSC01594

And one of my cherished thoughts about trees are oaks – mighty oaks.  This picture was taken in Llano, Texas with two oaks in my life – my son and my husband and I took it and put one of my favorite verses from the Bible.

mighty oak

blog - mighty oaks


2 thoughts on “5-Minute Friday – Trees”

  1. What a beautiful way to remember your mother, Debbie. When each of my sons were born, we planted a tree for them. It’s been one of my favorite things to watch these trees grow as they do. I’m your neighbor at 5 min friday today. Hugs to you, friend!


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