Tree Memories – 24 Days Until Christmas

Christmas - Tree Memories

I heard that term tree memories on a Hallmark Movie – oh yes I did – The Christmas Ornament and all through that sad movie, which ended gloriously, I thought about all the ornaments I have bought forever, mostly Hallmark.   I try to buy once each year for our kids that reflect something they are doing or did- sports, fishing, cheerleading, etc.. It’s not what the decorations look like, it’s what they mean……….

Our tree is full of tree memories, but many of them were boxed up several years ago.  I sent each of our kids 30 years of memories to their homes. Today as I sit with my grandson staring at their tree I saw lots of tree memories which touched my heart – memories of my son’s childhood.

As I hung ornaments on the tree this week there were memories from an Alaskan cruise on our 25th anniversary, our 25th aniversary ornament a friend gave us, an ornament my Mom gave us in 1980, little apples the kids made with their names on them, picture frames the kids made us, a cowboy from the movie, A Christmas Story, and the tree memories just fill me and the tree up.

DSC02717 DSC02721 DSC02720

So how about you, do you have tree memories?

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2 thoughts on “Tree Memories – 24 Days Until Christmas”

  1. Debbie, I shared this same tradition with my three sons and now I’m doing the same with my Grands. They get this early Christmas present from their Sassy, so they can put it on their tree when they decorate it. This will be a special Christmas for you and your family as you enjoy your special blessing of little Colt. Praying for his healing and encouragement for all the family. Merry Christmas and God Bless.


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