Christmas Cards – 20 Days Until Christmas


I love Christmas cards.  I love sending and I love receiving.  I love the notes and the pictures and looking at the cards.

It is December 5, 2013 already and I received five cards today so tonight I am working on mine.  Usually I have them done every year by Thanksgiving, but this year I got behind.

I want my cards to be as special as the person I am addressing them to.   In this day of facebook, e-cards, email and high postage rates, cards are declining and I find that a little sad.  I haven’t stopped sending cards and hope I never do. Here are a few ideas I use and some I found on the internet.

Have you sent cards to someone alone, someone in a hospital, a nursing home?  One of my Mom’s most favorite things was the cards she received at the nursing home.  We would hang them all on the wall in front of her bed and she would talk and talk about all the different cards – who sent them, where they came from, what it said, and if it glittered and shined she would talk about how she watched it at night, etc..  She was known in the nursing home by that wall.  After Christmas I would take them down and we would add valentine’s cards, mother’s day, birthday, etc..  It was awesome and one of the precious things I miss this year because we lost Mom.  I have missed going to find her that special card to hang on her wall.  Have a few tears here thinking about that.

First and foremost as I address the cards I pray for each and every individual/family.  I love doing this.  I love thinking about them and I love all the memories with them.  It is an humbling time that I refuse to let myself worry about and get upset about.  And yes I have in years past – getting upset because the labels didn’t work in the computer, they didn’t look right, and on and on.  FINALLY, I decided to continue to hand-write my addresses.  It’s not how beautiful they are but the meaning inside and I find if I use labels it is easy to forget to pray.  If I am writing it gives me time to pause and really think about who is getting that card.

Next as I receive cards, I hang each one up on our mini-blinds in our dining area in the kitchen and they stay there for some time.  Each day after Christmas we begin to pray for each of those families.  We choose a card and re-read it, look at it again and sometimes for my husband it might be the first time he had a chance to see that beautiful card before I hung it up.   We pray and some years I will write a note back to that family depending on what is happening in our lives at the moment.  This has become a tradition for us.  If the kids are my mother in law are over visiting we have them choose a card.

So tonight I am addressing cards.  It will take me a few days, but I am enjoying every moment and thanking God for all our family and friends, that I am able and that we can still afford to do it.

I pulled a few other ideas off the internet and pinterest that you might like for displaying and saving your Christmas card.  I would love for you to share your ideas.

Hang them on a beautifully decorated door.



Make holiday card ornaments from http://www.marthastewart.com/276934/recycled-christmas-card-crafts.christmascardornaments



OK time for me to get going.  Feel free to share any ideas you have here.


Enjoy reading about Christmas.  Read my other ideas and memories about Christmas.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Cards – 20 Days Until Christmas”

  1. Debbie;
    You and I seem to be traveling down the same road. I have really been having a connection with you lately. Your Christmas posts have been right from my heart, the same things that I do! I live in Georgia, but my sister is in Texas. I really wish I could live closer to her!
    Anyway, loving the Christmas cards ideas for displaying. I used to put mine up on a wall or door in the shape of a tree, but not having a place to do it AND the home being a parsonage where I didn’t want to put tape on the walls. I think I’ll try the ribbons on the door. I have a closet right in the entry way, so that would be the perfect place!
    Merry Christmas.


    1. Thank you GiGi. I am really working hard to keep Christ in Christmas this year. I always have but this year it’s special to keep my focus there. I didn’t want to do Christmas after losing Mom this year, but she loved Christmas too so trying to keep focused with each thing I do and keep my mind on Him and not Mom other than the precious memories she has left me. Thanks for reading and I hope those cards look beautiful.


  2. Debbie,
    I love the way you are so attentive to the people who have taken time to send you a card. Like you said, with all of our electronics, sometimes we don’t slow down enough to enjoy those little things, like Christmas Cards. After many years of not sending out Christmas Cards, in 2010 I started back up sending them, but I did it for a selfish reason, and these were family photo cards. That year my oldest son had moved out, my middle child was about to move away to college after 2 years of college at home and in May our baby girl was going to graduate and move to Oklahoma. So, not knowing what the future held, there was a chance that could be our last Christmas together with just the 5 of us. Either one might be missing or we could have an addition (by marriage). Well, as it turns out, God has given us 3 more, so far with all of our kids, no additions, no deletions. 😉 So each year sometime before Thanksgiving we come up with a crazy idea for our card and we find a time when we can all meet up. We get someone to take the picture. Once I’m happy with a pic, then I can start looking for a card. Now I do not hand write anything! But I am very selective in who gets the cards. I print the addresses directly on the envelopes and I usually put some sort of Christmas clipart on the envelope too. It is great fun for me. After 3 years of doing this, I actually had people asking me if we were doing photo cards this year, and telling me they couldn’t wait to see it. That they always look forward to ours. That they never know what to expect with our cards. That makes me feel good!


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