Christmas Cookies and Candy – 21 Days Until Christmas

I love making cookies and candy for Christmas, but no I haven’t started yet.  Have you?  I would love for you to share some of your favorite recipes below.

Last year I made spoons like these and passed them out to all the nurses, aides and staff at my mother’s nursing home.  I lost my Mom this year so am missing those annual parties at the home. I acutally got this idea from my precious daughter-in-law two years ago and saw this site recently which captures them nicely.


One of my favorite candies is millionaires.  Here is the recipe I use.  http://www.cooks.com/recipe/rs4x257f/millionaire-candy.html

And chocolate covered cheeries.


I have not tried these but will.


I also love just dipping pretzels in white and dark almond dipping chocolates.  How easy is that!


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