Christmas – Tea and Coffee – 19 Days Until Christmas

It is a cold day in December in Texas and a little unusual for us.  It is more like February weather.  It was 27 this afternoon, and dropping down to 17 degrees tonight.  Last night we had thunder sleet and there is a lot on the ground and much on the trees weighing them down

It is like a winter wonderland.  I’ve seen lots of snow some years in Texas, but never this much ice.  Here are a few pictures of the beautiful God handiwork I got to experience today.  My icicle lights are now really icicles.  Shrubs full of ice and even the bird house has icicles.

DSC02742 DSC02763 DSC02749

So today I’ve been enjoying hot tea, hot cocoa and lots of coffee to stay warm.  Who would of thought when I shopped for that Christmas tea last week that I would be needing it before Christmas.



This morning it was coffee with Starbuck’s Gingerbread Syrup and Nestle’s Spiced Latte.


Mid-afternoon it was this.


1 thought on “Christmas – Tea and Coffee – 19 Days Until Christmas”

  1. I know exactly what you mean!! Living here in Dallas I have found myself lately getting excited about a 40 degree weather day!!?? I’ll have to look for these teas the next ime I’m at the store…they sound yummy! Oh, and the spiced latte!! Thanks for sharing.


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