This is week 8 of A Confident Heart Bible Study by Renee Swope and our hashtag is #Enough.  Is God enough? The longer I live and the more I delve into the Word, the more I realize that He is ENOUGH!  My El Shaddai! He really is MORE THAN ENOUGH!  As I sit here typing, I was just reminded of that song, “The Longer I Know Him The Sweeter He Grows”.  Oh what a beautiful truth that is.

Others will disappoint me, fail me, hurt me, talk about me, lie about me, make fun of me and that list goes on and on – only Jesus is enough!

Sometimes God puts us in place or places where only He is enough!  He is the one person that we can rely on! In Ps 34:18, we read that God is close to the broken-hearted.  Don’t you need this reminder when life is tough, when life seems hopeless, and in times when all you have is God?

  • When a doctor diagnoses you with a horrible disease and you won’t see you children or grandchildren grow up, God IS enough!
  • When you are told you can not have a child, you lose a precious child, or a child is born with a disability – God IS enough!
  • When you have lost a loved one God IS enough!
  • When you are facing a divorce, a spouse has been unfaithful or a custody battle God IS enough!
  • When you lose a job or have a failing business, God IS enough!
  • When you blow it and feel like a failure, God IS enough!  He can pick us up when we fail, He gives us strength and grace and He can turn those mistakes into blessings if we allow Him.
  • When you can not utter a prayer from the heartbreak you are feeling.

When you have NOTHING, God IS enough!

His names are a promise to us of who He is.  As I look back over this year 2013 and all our family has been through and how He has blessed us through all of it, I am amazed – amazed that He loves us so much.  I’ve found that El Shaddai – God Almighty is MORE THAN ENOUGH!  

I admit there are days I blow it, there are days I question that I truly believe that God is enough – the day when my Mom died wondering how I would make it through these firsts in 2013 – the first Mother’s Day, the first birthday, the first Thanksgiving and now the first Christmas without her.  It’s been hard and some days I lose it for a moment like when I hung ornaments she gave me on the tree, when I put mangers around the house she had given me and so much more that reminds me of her and how she loved Christmas, and how she passed that glorious tradition down to me.  But you know Emmanuel – My God with me has been here every step of these painful months, and I have felt the peace that The God of Peace can bring.

He has been “more than enough” when I need comforting.  He is The God of All Comfort.  He has been my my joy and “more than enough” when I am hurting.  He is the God of my joy.  He has been”more than enough” healing my heart this year and also my grandson – watching all the huge things He has already done in Colt’s life this year – He is the healing God – Jehovah Rapha

He sees how difficult, how traumatic 2013 has been.  He has seen my broken heart, my pain, my disappointments and my trials – He is the God who sees – my El Roi.

He has been “more than enough” in times during my life when I felt unloved – He is love.He has been grace when I blow it.  He is my grace, He is more than enough.  He is the gracious God – he is El-Channun. He has been my peace when I felt I could find no peace – He is the Lord of Peace – He is  Jehoval Shalom.

Whatever we need today – true love, healing, comfort friend,  El Shaddai is more than ready to provide it. Put yourself into His Hands!

God is Enough!  My ABBA Father is patient enough, caring enough, loving enough, satisfying enough, forgiving enough, big enough, strong enough, patient enough, all-knowing enough, satisfying enough.  He is MORE THAN ENOUGH!  He IS!

I love this song.  I just found it yesterday.  Will you listen and worship as you do?



10 thoughts on “#ENOUGH”

  1. Nice using the names of God to show how he is enough through all things. Love the thought of “when you have nothing God is enough” I wrote similarly this week. 🙂 Have a wonderfully blessed day. Christine


  2. Oh Debbie, this is so wonderful. I love how you entwined the names of God throughout your post. This is such a beautiful song too–giving me glory bumps as I listen! Hugs, Nancy S (OBS Small Group Leader)


  3. Oh Debbie, yes! Even with nothing, God will show us that He is Enough. Over and over again. And I love your reminder of that here. As usual, my socks were blessed clean OFF by your thoughts on our Good God, Friend. Oh, how they were! ❤


  4. Thanks so much for these sweet reminders of how God is everything to us and all we need! I also loved how the names of God weave thru ur sharing!!


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