Identity Statements

I Was Made for More - Chapter 5 "We were made for more than this.  More than this failure, more than this cycle, more than being ruled by taste buds. We were made for victory!" ~ Lysa TerKeurst We need to remember our identity, who we were created to be and embrace it. I loved these identity truths… Continue reading Identity Statements


DETERMINATION – Made to Crave Week 2

 Determination was our word of the week in the Made to Crave Bible Study at Proverbs 31.Org.  I had to ponder on that a bit.  DETERMINATION - Merriam-Webster - firm or unwavering adherence to one's purpose.  One synonym that gave that I especially liked was stick-to-itiveness. What does that word mean to me and how has… Continue reading DETERMINATION – Made to Crave Week 2


Psalm 84:2 Continued

As we finish up on the first week of Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst, I am absolutely amazed at how much is in the first three chapters and my first blog was so long just talking about only a few things in the introduction and Chapter 1, that I am now continuing so I'll… Continue reading Psalm 84:2 Continued