New Year – New Me – 2014

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It is December 31, 2013 and New Year’s Eve.  Where has the year gone?

A new year, a new me!  A new year, a new beginning!  Goals set, goals broken! Promises made, promises failed.  Resolutions made year after year, resolutions broken year after year.

So how do we actually have a new year and become a new me?  For me this year I truly believe it is turning it all over to Him.  We have to put the past behind us us and look ahead.

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As I look forward to the new year, and think about all the changes I made last year, I am excited – excited about the Made to Crave Bible Study I am about to start, excited to be a Team Leader for this study in addition to a group leader – excited of all I’ve learned from being a part of Proverbs31.Org and being able to volunteer my time to women all over the world.  I’m excited about  all the friends I have made this past year – friends that walked me through one of my hardest years, but also one of my best years.   This has been an awesome year of friends who came with love sending cards, texting, emailing, PMing and walking me through those firsts without Mom and later encouraging me as Colt was born with that horrible disease, EB.

As hard as this year has been, it has also been one of the most blessed – growing closer to God, having a first grandchild to love and adore and watching our son become a father.

I am excited.  It is 11;45 and a New Year is about to start.  The day was great – we went to a wedding and then out to dinner and back home to snuggle and enjoy a movie and then bed, but now here I am up – can’t sleep – too many fireworks all over the neighborhood.  We still are outside the city limits.

Excited to see all that God is going to do in this New Year.  I already know a couple of things I cannot share yet but they are truly awesome.  We watched God answer prayer after prayer the last 4 months and He continues to answer day by day.  It has been one thing after another – wonderful, blessed answered prayers.

Welcome 2014!  Thank you God for allowing me the privilege of seeing 2014. Thank you for friends and family.  May His favor shine on each of you reading this in the coming year.


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