If It Is His Will – Hopes and Dreams for 2014

The first week of 2014 is almost over.  Do you have hopes and dreams for 2014.  Have you chosen a word, a verse or a New Year’s Resolution for the year? 

Those are questions from our GAP study this week at Proverbs31.Org and our short in-between study on goals.

Looking forward to 2014 and what we are learning in this study.  I do have dreams and hopes of my grandson being cured of EB, hopes of seeing him grow up because I am not getting younger and hopes of more grandchildren.

Blog - James 413-15

One of the verses we studied this week was James 4:13-15.  It’s a powerful verse to remind us about hopes and dreams. We are only promised this moment.  We are not promised tomorrow, and when we pray it should be if it is His will.  I want to memorize this verse and keep it close to my heart as I pray that I might live a long life to see Colt go through college, fall in love and get married, and as I pray that if it is His will we will see other grandchildren running around this house soon.

The Holy Spirit led me to my one word which is simplicity, and a verse for the year.  Read about them here and the steps I am taking.  https://mixwilliams.wordpress.com/2014/01/01/my-one-word-2014-simplify/

As you enter into this year ponder over this picture I found at https://www.facebook.com/InspirePositiveSoulSensations .  My prayer is that each one of you might have hopes and dreams and that each one of you reading my blog today will be blessed  3,153,600 seconds of joy.  Isn’t this beautiful?

New Year Blessings


3 thoughts on “If It Is His Will – Hopes and Dreams for 2014”

  1. Debbie, I can see how your word “simplify” and my word “faithful” are moving toward the same goal. I’m still having trouble getting a schedule worked out. I think the biggest draw back it believing I can stick to a schedule.
    I’m praying for that precious grandson of yours.
    Love you, my sister.


    1. Barbara I have a lot of work to do and behind but these first two weeks have been hectic. Trying to finish up at Mom’s and it is on contract – closing next week so hope after that my life will be a little slower. HA! Thanks for praying for Colt – please continue!.


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