Setting Goals

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This week I’ve been studying goals in the GAP study at Proverbs31.Org.  We have talked about goals, dreams, words verses, negativity that keeps us from pursuing our goals and all kinds of ideas.  So how can we improve on how we start and end a New Year?

One of the things I learned at church on Sunday was re-enforced  in an article we read called Do’s and Don’ts of Goal Setting at http://www.sparkpeople.com/resource/motivation_articles.asp?id=124 .  There has been so much information that my head is full as well as my heart.   I don’t believe it was a coincidence that a pastor would preach on Sunday the very thing we are studying today, but different verses were chosen,and both had a lot of impact on what our goals should be.

As our pastor dissected Psalm 119:33-40,  Blog-Psalm 19933-40 I realized the missing thing in meeting goals is first our prayer should be that we will be teachable.  We have to want to be taught.  There is absolutely nothing that God cannot do if we are teachable. We need to pray that we will be teachable and pray for understanding on how to reach those goals.

Psalm 119:33-40 touches my heart as I dwelled this week on what it says and how powerful it is.  Teach me, give me understanding, direct me, turn my heart toward his statues, turn my eyes from worthless things, fulfill your promise, and turn away the disgrace.  My goals this year are that I am teachable and I allow Him to direct me and turn my heart toward the Word and those things I need to be applying to my life.  May we all seek to turn away from worthless things like food, busyness causing us not to exercise, or exercising to extreme, smoking, drugs, alcohol, spending, pornography and anything else that consumes us instead of God.

My verse I chose this year was Matthew 6:33 (NIV). Blog - Matthew 633     He must be my first priority – I must seek the King first and his kingdom. That should be the obsession of my life, but sometimes I get drug down by food, and I don’t exercise like I should or treat my body like the holy temple it is.  Do you like me find yourself on track doing everything right, and then something happens in your life that throws you off track?  It can be something simple like a sports tournament or something awful like someone in the hospital, a death, or yourself getting injured and not being able to cook or exercise.  Every part of our lives, every moment of our time (wasted or doing things for His glory), all we do SHOULD be to give the glory to God. “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” (I Cor. 10:31).

 May 2014 be a year we can all shift our focus from food and other addictions, and all we do or don’t do be for the glory of God.

2 thoughts on “Setting Goals”

  1. I love when God tries to show me something by making it appear everywhere at once- sermons, studies… :). It’s great you noticed that happening to you this week. I don’t treat my body as I should either. My health is one of my biggest goals this year. Matthew 6:33 is a beautiful verse for you to focus on. You chose well!


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