Goals and Dreams – 2014

This is the final week of our GAP study at Proverbs31.Org.  I don’t want it to end, but our new study with over 36,000 women all over the world is starting Sunday.  Would love for you to join us.  Just follow the button on my blog page and sign up.  We are starting a study called Made to Crave.  What do you crave?  For me it’s chocolate and carbs.  For others it’s shopping, alcohol, drugs, exercise, games, facebook, reading things that do not honor God, porn, watching shows or movies not honoring God and that list goes on and on.  What’s on your list?

We were asked to share two goals that we think God wants us to focus on this year.  Goals, the word for the year and vision came easy for me this year, although the word did take me a few times.  I chose simplify and wrote about it here.   https://mixwilliams.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/if-it-is-his-will-hopes-and-dreams-for-2014/  I believe this year with no resolutions, but rather simple goals and a word, that I truly will be able to follow His leading and do all that I do to bring Him glory.  It is not that hard when we stay in the Word, when we plan, when we take baby steps and use all those tools that are available to each of us today. I love Pastor Rick Warren, and this week I was honored to read this in my GAP group.  It is beautiful.

Pastor Rick Warren – “How do you know if [your goal] is going to bring glory to God?  Any goal that causes you to love God more brings glory to God.  Any goal you set that causes you to trust God more, brings glory to God.  Any goal you set that causes to you obey God, to love God, to serve God, any goal that causes you to want to brag on God and tell unbelievers, ‘Look what he did for me’ — that’s the goal that brings glory to God. “

So what goals do I have to honor God in 2014 – simplicity in eating and cleaning.  That’s it and I know there’s so much more to meet my goals this year.  They can not just be goals without some action and we learned some steps also this week as we studied an article that was written by Kevin Nuben where he shared that in order to achieve our goals they have to be SMART.   (http://www.cbn.com/spirituallife/biblestudyandtheology/discipleship/setting_goals.aspx.)


We must remember as we set our goals they must be in the will of God.  I wrote about this in my blog here.


So what is my eating goal this year, and how does it Honor my Lord?  He has given me a body to take care of.   I haven’t. He’s given me the knowledge and provided all the tools to know what to eat, but I don’t use my knowledge or the tools.  I go about my own way and do my own thing and fall off the wagon.   It might be one piece of chocolate, but rather than limit myself to one piece a day or one piece a week, I keep going back for more and craving something more than God.  He can provide the strength not to eat that chocolate bar, that cake or all those carbs, but only if I call on Him.  I have a scripture jar in my kitchen but I don’t go for that – I go for whatever is available to satisfy a longing that will never be satisfied.

I am absolutely blessed with all sorts of videos, a treadmill, pedometers, and computers to go to internet sites to track my progress but I fail to use any of them except for a day here and a day there – nothing consistent.

Here are my SMART Goals for 2014.

blog-smart goals

1.  Use my beautiful planner I bought at Family Christian.  The first step is to plan specific goals.  My goal is one pound a week.  Yes I know that is not a lot, but I am not going to diet, but rather eat healthy.  I may lose more but one pound per week puts me where I would love to be by December 31, 2014.  

2.  I will plan a menu EVERY week instead of an occasional plan so that we can eat healthy meals and snacks. I found this menu at http://www.thebettermom.com and much of it is gluten-free.  You just print it out and you click on it to get the recipes.  I tried it last week and love it, and yes I will change parts of it to adapt my husband and I.Eating and Exercise goals.  I will track my progress on a website called myfitnesspal where I have already signed up this week. 

3.  I will clasp that pedometer on every morning and walk 10,000 steps at least two days a week, striving for three.  I will exercise to a video like Leslie Sansome or Power Fit or on the treadmill at least two days a week for twenty minutes.  Yes I know I could do more, but would I achieve those goals?  These are baby steps and I can do this.

4.  I also have some cleaning goals this year. I will plan one cleaning goal a week and spend at least 15 minutes a day cleaning that area until it is finished.  Already started that and it took me three weeks to get the Christmas decorations finished, but you know what that attic floor is clean and I can walk in there and find my Fall and my patriotic decorations easily.  I threw away two trash cans of stuff.

In Habakkuk we are told to write or goals (visions) down so that they are in front of us to see.  We have to be ready to take action as God moves us,  and the more we keep them in front of us, the easier it is to run with them.

blog - Habakkuk 22 a



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