Isaiah 45:3 – Made to Crave – Week 3

I have honestly been blown away by this Made to Crave Bible Study, and all that goes with it at Proverbs31.Org.  I have done lots of Bible Studies, but this one is not only changing my heart, but my life in relation to food and exercise, and hopefully my health, and a much longer life than those I love who have died because of heart disease.  How can it be at this age, when my life is half over or more, that I am just now learning all the lessons that God had for me to learn so many years ago?

 I have always wondered how people devote so much time to what they eat and so much exercise, and yes I know sometimes it is just plain ole’ vanity,  insecurity, worrying about what others think and so forth. All of that is just as bad as over-eating and downing  a 1/4 bag of cookies or 1/2 bag or really a whole bag, drinking to excess, etc.  What really matters is craving God and everything else will fall into place.

One of the things I read on the Proverbs31 blog this week that said it was from the the MTC Devotional  (I could not find the page) was “Bring me your weakness, and receive My Peace. Accept yourself and your circumstances just as they are, remembering that I am sovereign over everything.”   WOW!  Accept Debbie in her circumstances just as they are, remembering that He is sovereign over everything – every small detail of my life, every valley, every hurt, every obstacle, every morsel I eat, every step I take or don’t take.

This was our beautiful memory verse this week from Isaiah, and as usual the verse touched my heart as I broke it down and studied it:

  Blog-Isaiah 453 reva 

God summons ME – Debbie by name.  It is amazingly personal to me just reading and knowing that He calls me by name.  He knows my name.   Webster’s defines summons as” an order or command to come, attend, appear, or perform some action.”     When He summons us based on that definition, we are being commanded personally, but how often do we ignore those command?.  How often do we ignore what we are reading that God commanded in the Bible and just don’t listen or we rush through reading and not really comprehending what the verse says?   God gave this verse to a Persian King Cyrus over 100 years before he was born.  He gave me this verse before I was born, and it took me until this week to REALLY read it and let it fill me with PEACE!

Treasures  –  In some translations it says hidden treasures of darkness.  I believe this verse is talking about treasures of darkness like valleys we walk thru.  You know those dark times, those sad times, those lonely times, those hurting times, those very difficult times that we all experience if we live long enough.  He loves us and it is in those dark times that He has riches in store for us.  As we are walking through them, or maybe I should say dragging through them, we just cannot see what He has ahead in store for us because we can’t look ahead of all the pain at the moment.  Remember during difficult days that our Lord has gone before us in each and every one of those times of  suffering and pain.  He knows us by name.  He knows our hearts and He loves us.  Even as He promised Cyrus hidden treasures, so are we also promised those same treasures.

Our word of the week just happened to be PEACE.  I love peace, don’t you?

Blog-Psalm 2911

Are you at peace with your body?  God is.  He made you.  You are beautiful!

32 thoughts on “Isaiah 45:3 – Made to Crave – Week 3”

  1. I definitely love peace too!!! Thanks for sharing your heart!! Praying you continue to grow closer to God through your journey!


  2. Great post, Debbie! At first look, I was confused by the “hidden treasures of darkness” that you talked about. But after you explained it, I started thinking about all of those “hidden treasures” that I gained during those dark and difficult times in my life. Throughout my week, I am constantly reminded of little treasures that God taught me during those difficult times! It is in my difficult times that I truly had to depend on God and He was able to teach me so much! I can look back with a thankful heart and say I am thankful for those lessons. By the way, I’m from the OBS Group 30. I enjoyed reading your post! 🙂


    1. Hey Belinda you are right next door to me – Group 31. I lead group 31 and I am a Team Leader for 5 other groups so I may rotate around to you one day. Thanks for reading. I agree about those hidden treasures. I had so many miscarriages before I finally had a child and I was saddened by it for years and years. One night I was at a prayer meeting and a couple had lost a baby and were crying and asking for prayer and God nudged me and said you need to tell them the pain you went thru and you would go thru it all again to have the two precious kids you do today. AHA moment and that night I gave thanks to God for all He had done. No regrets now.


  3. Reading how you broke down the word “summons” from this week’s verse, my friend? OH MY! How many times do I ignore His almighty summons, to my own detriment. As usual, I am inspired to dig deeper when I leave here. ❤ you sister friend.


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