Pity Party Central – Week 4 – Made to Crave

(Pity) Party Central ~ What clues you into the fact that you are relying on your own strength in your battles with food (or any other struggle)?

As we studied Chapter 10 this week of Made to Crave titled “This Isn’t Fair”, we talked about pity parties, relying on our own strength in our battles with addictions including food, life struggles, and we also talked about  triggers, and truth.

As we studied about things not being fair, I realized I have not said that too many times in my life and maybe never.  I don’t remember saying it, but now I wonder if someone took my favorite foods away if I would.  Maybe!

Lysa said “our flesh buys into Satan’s lie that it’s not fair for things to be withheld from us”  and “how temptation doesn’t take kindly to being starved.” As I read that, I thought about how God could have said “it’s not fair that my son had to die for your sins” and I wondered if Eve said “it’s not fair we are being vanished from the garden because of my sin”, or maybe Jesus could have said “it’s not fair that your sins put me on this cross.”  They all could have said those words but I don’t believe they did. Although Eve did buy Satan’s lies and the temptation, Jesus never did.  He was strong and through Him we can also be strong.

Eve ate that apple, and boy do I find myself dealing with that same temptation, and I probably could have a pity party if all my favorite foods were taken from me – chocolate in any form, gold fish, crackers, cookies and you name it, but one thing that does not tempt me is an apple.  I eat them, but only occasionally, but  Eve didn’t have access to chocolate so I bet that apple looked delicious.

We are learning this week we have to grab on to God and His strength.  We can’t rely on ours.  It is during these times with food or alcohol or sex and other addictions that we call out to God and quote or read scripture.  One of my favorite scriptures that Lysa shared  was this one, and it is so easy to memorize to use when you are being tempted.

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In chapter 11, which was titled  Stinkin’, Rotten, Horrible, No Good Day, we dove in as Lysa said “you have circled this mountain long enough”.  “Now turn North.”  Deu 2:3.

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Lysa told us – “…if we are really going to stop circling the mountain and head north toward lasting changes, we have to empty ourselves of the lie that other people or things can ever fill our hearts to the full.”  People can not fill us.  Things can not fill us.  Only Jesus can do that!

Are you heading North?  I am.  I have circled this mountain long enough.  I am not looking back.  I have put on the same twenty pounds over and over and over.  Now it’s OVER!  Those brownies, and candies, and salty things calling me – those triggers are gone.  I am leaning on God’s TRUTH!   I still have days that temptation takes over, but I am finding I can stop.

What triggers you to temptation?  Satan is most definitely there to tempt us to do things that later we will regret and see the consequences of that temptation.

Have you ever said “if only” or “it’s not fair”?  Here are few”

  • If only, I could wear those “skinny jeans” that Lysa talked about.
  • It’s not fair, I diet and diet and never lose a pound, and when I do, I gain it back.
  • If only, I could eat anything I want.
  • It’s not fair she can eat all the time and never gain a pound
  • It’s not fair everyone has a new car.
  • It’s not fair her kids don’t act up
  • If only I weren’t so tired I would exercise
  • It’s not fair I have to exercise to keep this weight off

Lysa talked about the curse of the skinny jeans and being able to fit into smaller clothes.  We think being skinny or slim will make our lives better and at peace.  It doesn’t.    Wearing “skinny jeans” is not something that is going to make us happy because those stressful days are still going to come, and we are still going to feel overwhelmed and stressed even in those “skinny jeans”, and even if we lose all the weight we have been dreaming about losing.

We have to learn to go to Him for our comfort and fulfillment rather than food depending on His power and not our own strength.

6 thoughts on “Pity Party Central – Week 4 – Made to Crave”

  1. You summed it up perfectly: “We have to learn to go to Him for our comfort and fulfillment rather than food depending on His power and not our own strength.” Too many times the “if only” and “it’s not fair” track has run through my head. It’s time to STOP! and instead take it to God and find my peace in Him. Thanks for sharing!
    Christina (Group 50)


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