Permissible but not Beneficial


That verse just keeps coming up in our study of Made To Crave.  Actually the verse in the NIV version was the one they used in our study.  I wrote it on a box of girl scout cookies several weeks back and yes that worked.  I never ate another and it looks like they are gone from the pantry so I’m thinking I either need to toss the unhealthy things or write on all of them.


What does this verse really mean?  To me I am learning that food is not my enemy.  It is wrong to eat to much, it is wrong not to eat enough.  It is my self-control and my attitude about food that is sinful.  It’s about discovering that my Lord is all I really need.  It is about planning to succeed and not to fail by making menus and healthy choices.  It’s about finding the time  and putting aside all my busyness and stopping to think about my thoughts and my actions toward food. It’s about being disciplined and a lifestyle change.  It is about not over indulging and gluttony.  There is nothing wrong with good food but those non-disciplined desires are what is wrong.


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