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1 Corinthians 10:13



As I unpacked this scripture I thought about temptation and how we all deal with it in some way – some of us food, some of us spending, some of us drinking or drugs, some sex or gambling or lying and that list goes on and on because Satan knows just how to tempt each and every one of us.  He knows exactly where each of us is weak.   I have learned during this study that food is a form of idolatry.   That has changed my perspective quite a bit on how I view food.

My temptation is food and has always been.  Yep it is, and I don’t like it and want to say well it’s better than having an affair, it’s better than being an alcoholic or a drug addict.  In a sense it may be in that I am not hurting my family, but in another sense I am killing my body and shortening my life.   Have you ever found yourself saying I would never get caught up in that sin – adultery, drugs, sex addiction, alcoholism – I’m too strong?  I have, oh yes I have and now I am finding here I am caught up in something as bad and that’s idolatry of food.

All of  us are human and make mistakes, are tempted, fallen, come short of His glory, share temptations, share struggles, and we sin daily.

Are you running to the throne or to those addictions?  I find myself tempted by food and DO NOT run to the throne when I am.

Lysa TerKeurst said it is a daily choice, not a daily battle.  We feel deprived because of healthy choices and so we have a diet failure.  We feel frustrated and defeated eating all we want.  We don’t want to be in either place.  We need to make good, healthy choices.  Not about the scale, and knowing no matter what that scale says it is not our worth.  But you know that goes for any temptation – we feel deprived, frustrated and defeated so we make bad choices.

Those things can fill our mouths or our minds for a few minutes really never bring peace, rather they bring guilt and sadness.       Lysa suggested in chapter 19 that, “Moment by moment we have the choice to live in our strength and risk failure or to reach across the gap and grab hold of God’s unwavering strength.”  I’m ready to grab hold of that unwavering strength.  Are you?
Each day it is a choice.  Each day it is a step by step journey of moving forward.
VICTORY and JOY – are you ready for victory in Him?  I am!  Are you ready to feel that joy of being obedient in all things?  I am!
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12 thoughts on “1 Corinthians 10:13”

  1. Thanks for helping me to see so much more in the scripture 1 Cor 10 v13.. Temptation is every where in this life and knowing that the Word of God is ‘living and active’ to keep our lives on track is amazing.. Of course we have choice.. I choose LIFE..so that my journey is filled with Victory and Joy.. Thanks again for reminding me.


  2. Food is my temptation, too, as I am an emotional eater. Happy, sad, anxious, tired, etc….. all makes me want to grab some food, whether I am hungry or not. I am so thankful for the OBS group that allows us to share our struggles and to help each other.


  3. I do believe, my friend, that you should officially make your byline read “Encouragement Found Here”! I love how you show us that we are all in this together and that we are supported by the Good God who is strong to help us succeed. Love you Debbie!


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