Made to Crave – Action Plan – Week 2

Blog - 1 Thess 5.16-18a

This is only week 2 at Proverbs 31.Org in the Made to Crave Action Plan Study by Lysa TerKeurst and Dr. Ski Chilton,  and it has been quite a journey.  We are learning all about fiber and fish and all they do for our bodies to flight inflammation, reduce heart disease, fight depression and slow down our aging process.  Dr. Ski even reminded us this week about Jesus feeding the 5,000 with fish and barley loaves.   There you see it right in the Bible – fiber and fish and JESUS.

I made a big skillet of veggies and served them with grilled  shrimp for dinner one evening this week with fresh mushrooms, bell peppers, and brussel sprouts cooked in olive oil, and yesterday a wonderful lunch of guacamole salad made of avocado, red onion, tomato and seasonings with black beans on a bed of lettuce, and later one of my favorite snacks – these oven roasted chocolate-flavored almonds.  For dinner well it was a big pot of homemade soup with loads of veggies and all sorts of beans and a little hamburger meat.  This salad was delicious and satisfying.  DSC03175

Today I am heading to Costco to buy some of the healthy things that we heard about on the video this week and read about in the Action Plan – lots of Omega 3s and fiber.  For fish I’m buying wild-Alaskan frozen salmon, some canned pink salmon to try old-fashioned patties like my Mom used to make and more albacore canned tuna and frozen Ahi Tuna (one of my favorites) to get in my Omega 3s.  I can’t wait to try out new recipes I found on Dr. Chilton’s website tonight for dinner and have already made a menu for next week because planning and Bible study is the key to healthy bodies and weight loss.

And during my planning this week I designed a little menu planning page for my meals.  Feel free and enjoy for your own purposes.

MENU Planning


blog - 1 thess 5.16-18

Our verse of the week – one of my favorites.  May He find us joyful, thankful and prayerful each and every day.  One word that has really struck out to me during this week’s study is BE!






12 thoughts on “Made to Crave – Action Plan – Week 2”

  1. Great job–love your meals AND menu planner page! You just gave me a great idea–I need to go to “the big city” next week for some lab work and I think I will as SAM’S to the list for some great fish and fiber shopping! Love you Debbie!


  2. Oh that guacamole salad looks incredible! I love how you are taking all this advice and direction and running with it!


  3. Debbie, that looks so good! I enlarged the picture and wrote down all the veggies along with shrimp, on my grocery list . Yum!!!! The guacamole salad looks really good too! I love all these ideas!


    1. ENJOY – we are loving it. Just a little planning before. I made the salmon terriyaki on Dr. Ski’s page last night – it was so good – I bought fresh salmon at Costco and cut it up for five dinners. It was a huge, piece and I thought expensive but once I froze 4 other meals it came out to about $5 a meal.


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